Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Katie will be undergoing surgery tomorrow morning in Ft. Collins. She has an umbillical hernia that is causing her a lot of pain lately. She will be coming home tomorrow after the operation and should be back to her usual perky self in no time.

Everything else around here is going well. Brendan is enjoying his summer of leisure. He has been watching a lot of Star Trek, playing DS, and hanging out in the back yard.

Tom is uber busy at work. again. still... I've lost track. He has a couple of pretty heavy deadlines this week and next so Katie's surgery fell at a really bad time for him. He is going to take his laptop to the hospital and work there while we wait for her. I'm sure he'll get a lot accomplished ;oD .

Marti is just holding everything together at this point. Right now I'm waiting for the hospital to call for Katie's pre-op appointment. They are supposed to call between 7 - 9 am. I hope it's soon because I have a kazillion things to do today.

I will update tomorrow night or Thursday morning. Prayers are always appreciated.


BDJ said...

Good luck. Let us know if you need anything. You know our prayers will be with you and yours.

Debbie said...

Sending a little prayer for your little sweetie...and for Tom too.

Have a nice 4th...if you need anything give me call!