Monday, June 22, 2009

Still plugging along....

Katie & Brendan at Uncle Don's pond.

Brendan at Lion's Park. We took the kidlets for a walk around the lake.

Katie at her Preschool's end-of-year performance.

Brendan reading a book to Katie in her room.

Marc and Joon.

So I go for my 4th weigh-in tonight. I am not excited about that, but I'm not dreading it either. I have only lost 5 lbs. thus far (3.5 the first week, and 1.5 last week). Very frustrating. But I refuse to give up. Instead, I've just kicked up the exercise. I walked 4 miles on Saturday and 2-1/2 miles today (I ran out of time before Mr. C had to go to work). My calf muscles are screaming at me, but I am ignoring that. I am determined this time. Even if it takes me a year or more, I will lose this weight.
Summer has been just fabulous so far. Brendan just finished up his religious ed for the year. Well, he's finished his formal program at church - we will still continue to focus on this at home, as well. He was very nervous about going to confession again (they do this each year during summer CCD). Mr. C gave him an encouraging speech all about how wonderful confession is and how much it heals and helps us as Children of God. Then Bren asked Mr. C why he never went. Wow. How is that for a reminder, huh? So, Mr. C is planning on a trip to confession in the next week or two. And he is very humble now. But still as sweet as ever.
Katie went to cheer week at her ballet studio last week. She had a blast!!! She worked on her cheers all. week. long. Or should I say "all. long. week."? ;oD She practiced like crazy at home, in addition to her morning sessions at the studio. The program on Friday was darling and she just loved it. She is so much more outgoing than I was (or am). Audiences and crowds make me nervous and I am never comfortable in front of groups of people the way she is. The kids have the week off, then Katie goes to Theatre Academy for the following two weeks. She is really looking forward to it.
Katie had to go to the ER last weekend due to a hernia in her belly button. She was in so much pain! It was awful!!! We had to wait 2 hrs. in the waiting area before they even took her back to be seen. By that time, the hernia had popped back in so she was much more comfortable. The ran some tests, examined her tummy, and decided that we could leave. They told me I had to call her pediatrician and a surgeon. Her surgical consult is this Friday. I know they're going to have to operate on her and the idea absolutely terrifies me. I'll let you know what we find out.
I'd better get upstairs to check on Katie. I believe she has finished eating her Hannah Montana waffle. Personally, that chick makes me lose my appetite. I cannot stomach her. But, Katie thinks she is awesome. And if that is all it takes to get that child to actually sit down and eat breakfast, I'll keep buying them.
Have a blessed week!


Amanda said...

Thanks for the pics! Be sure to keep us posted on Katie's surgical eval, okay? Sounds like she's having a blast of a summer other than that! :)

Debbie said...

Sounds like a great week!! Contgrats on the Weightloss!!!

Houston said...

You're doing great Marti, keep the postive attitude and you'll reach your weight goals! Glad Katie is doing well this week, she is such a doll!