Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Katie will be undergoing surgery tomorrow morning in Ft. Collins. She has an umbillical hernia that is causing her a lot of pain lately. She will be coming home tomorrow after the operation and should be back to her usual perky self in no time.

Everything else around here is going well. Brendan is enjoying his summer of leisure. He has been watching a lot of Star Trek, playing DS, and hanging out in the back yard.

Tom is uber busy at work. again. still... I've lost track. He has a couple of pretty heavy deadlines this week and next so Katie's surgery fell at a really bad time for him. He is going to take his laptop to the hospital and work there while we wait for her. I'm sure he'll get a lot accomplished ;oD .

Marti is just holding everything together at this point. Right now I'm waiting for the hospital to call for Katie's pre-op appointment. They are supposed to call between 7 - 9 am. I hope it's soon because I have a kazillion things to do today.

I will update tomorrow night or Thursday morning. Prayers are always appreciated.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Still plugging along....

Katie & Brendan at Uncle Don's pond.

Brendan at Lion's Park. We took the kidlets for a walk around the lake.

Katie at her Preschool's end-of-year performance.

Brendan reading a book to Katie in her room.

Marc and Joon.

So I go for my 4th weigh-in tonight. I am not excited about that, but I'm not dreading it either. I have only lost 5 lbs. thus far (3.5 the first week, and 1.5 last week). Very frustrating. But I refuse to give up. Instead, I've just kicked up the exercise. I walked 4 miles on Saturday and 2-1/2 miles today (I ran out of time before Mr. C had to go to work). My calf muscles are screaming at me, but I am ignoring that. I am determined this time. Even if it takes me a year or more, I will lose this weight.
Summer has been just fabulous so far. Brendan just finished up his religious ed for the year. Well, he's finished his formal program at church - we will still continue to focus on this at home, as well. He was very nervous about going to confession again (they do this each year during summer CCD). Mr. C gave him an encouraging speech all about how wonderful confession is and how much it heals and helps us as Children of God. Then Bren asked Mr. C why he never went. Wow. How is that for a reminder, huh? So, Mr. C is planning on a trip to confession in the next week or two. And he is very humble now. But still as sweet as ever.
Katie went to cheer week at her ballet studio last week. She had a blast!!! She worked on her cheers all. week. long. Or should I say "all. long. week."? ;oD She practiced like crazy at home, in addition to her morning sessions at the studio. The program on Friday was darling and she just loved it. She is so much more outgoing than I was (or am). Audiences and crowds make me nervous and I am never comfortable in front of groups of people the way she is. The kids have the week off, then Katie goes to Theatre Academy for the following two weeks. She is really looking forward to it.
Katie had to go to the ER last weekend due to a hernia in her belly button. She was in so much pain! It was awful!!! We had to wait 2 hrs. in the waiting area before they even took her back to be seen. By that time, the hernia had popped back in so she was much more comfortable. The ran some tests, examined her tummy, and decided that we could leave. They told me I had to call her pediatrician and a surgeon. Her surgical consult is this Friday. I know they're going to have to operate on her and the idea absolutely terrifies me. I'll let you know what we find out.
I'd better get upstairs to check on Katie. I believe she has finished eating her Hannah Montana waffle. Personally, that chick makes me lose my appetite. I cannot stomach her. But, Katie thinks she is awesome. And if that is all it takes to get that child to actually sit down and eat breakfast, I'll keep buying them.
Have a blessed week!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Summertime has arrived!!!

Well, at least the calendar says it has. You wouldn't know it by looking outside though. Gray, cold, and rainy today. It is expected to last all week. But, the upside of all of this is that school is out!!! And this week the kids have activities so they won't feel too bad about being inside every morning now because the weather is going to be chilly and wet. See! There is always a bright side.

I had the best day yesterday. I went to The Treasure Box for a scrapbooking day with the funnest ladies on the planet. There were 16 of us and we celebrated our friend Amanda's birthday. We shopped, went to lunch, shopped, had cake, shopped, and got a tiny bit of scrapping in, too. Seriously, I got almost nothing done. But it was all good. We laughed and chatted and just enjoyed the time away together. I just love spending the day with my girl Houston. I felt better knowing she didn't get anything done either. :oD We talk and laugh too much. We'll be doing another crop in a couple of months. I am already excited.

I got my hands on the latest Scenic Route paper yesterday, too. Love this line!!!! It is called Garden Grove and it's so bright and Hawaiian looking! Perfect for finishing up my vacation albums from last year. Yes, I am still working on those. I also bought another 9 packages of thickers. These are my favorite alpha stickers ever. I didn't need any more, but I found a bunch of colors/styles that I didn't already own and they just kept calling out saying they wanted to come home with me.

Last week my friend Jackie created a Cheyenne's Biggest Loser group. I joined. Because I need it. We met on Sunday afternoon for weigh-in and a review of the rules. We're doing a 12-week challenge (June 1 - August 23). There was a newspaper lady there and once I confirmed she would be taking no photographs for the newspaper, I relaxed a little bit. She asked for volunteers who would be willing to talk with her throughout the competition and to do a wrap-up in August. I raised my hand immediately. No, I don't go for lots of publicity - I wanted the accountability. If I know Ms. Newspaper Lady will be calling and checking in, I am not going to be as likely to miss my workouts or to cheat on my eating program. So far, so good. We weigh in tomorrow evening. Wish me luck.

We have a couple of busy weeks ahead of us. Brendan has CCD (Religious Ed) in the morning for the next two weeks. I like the summer program better than the every-Wednesday-evening program. Brendan gets so much more out of it. Katie will be attending Vacation Bible School this week at a local church. They always do a really fun program for the kids and she enjoys going. Then next week, she has Cheerleading Week at her Ballet school. She is very, very excited for this. It should be a lot of fun for her.

Marc and Sean came home this weekend. They arrived late Friday night and left this afternoon. I've had my scrapping day planned for quite some time, and I was one of the organizers, so I couldn't miss it. They hung out with Tom and the kidlets all day, then we went to Mexican last night for dinner. Marc got a new puppy named Joon. She is a black lab and is just adorable. Marc will be leaving in a couple of weeks for his Alaska trip. He won't be back until late October. I miss him already. Sean's job is going well, too.

I've been trying to get some creating accomplished lately. I will post pictures this week, I promise. I completed two small wall-quilts for the kids' teachers. I've also been able to get several scrapbook layouts completed lately. I'll try to get it all photographed and posted.

Well, my family just returned from their trip to McDonald's so I'd better get going. I promise it won't be another month before I post again. Have a blessed day!