Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all moms. I am looking forward to a nice, quiet weekend with the family. Marc and Sean can't come home due to work schedules, again. Sigh. It is really nice to see your grown children become happy, productive members of society, but it would be nice to have them home this weekend. I'll make the best of it though. I always do!

I spent the most amazing day yesterday with my friend, Houston. She is an absolute blast. And I think I've found my long, lost sister. We have way too much in common for it to be coincidence. Seriously. Tom said he never thought he'd meet another person like me - but agrees that Houston is pretty darn close. She lives south and I live north - so we met at Centerra in Loveland, CO for Starbucks, shopping, and lunch. Great day of conversation and fun.

I think we're finally going to see some progress on the fence today. We are scheduled to have nice weather this morning, then rain this afternoon and tomorrow. Tom is determined to get started though. Every weekend since Spring Break has been cold with snow or rain. I am so ready for summer. Just 4 more weeks of school! Bren is getting very excited. Katie isn't. She adores school.

I am going for a Pedicure on Wednesday. I. cannot. wait. I just love pedi's. My stylist gives the best ones ever. Katie has ballet & tumbling, then the afternoon at her friend, Maura's. Every week the girls have dance, then we alternate having the girls in the afternoon. One week I have 2 giggling little girls from noon until 3:30. The next week I have absolute silence. It works well. This week, I'll go for my pedi at 10:45 and then not have to worry about anything else until 3:30. Nice deal.

I got some sad news this week. My Grandma Genevieve is beginning to decline. We've been expecting it (she is 97), but it is a little sad nonetheless. She was my greatest spiritual influence growing up and I've missed her the past several years since she's been fading. Hospice has been called in and will give us weekly updates. I was going to fly to Alabama to see her, but she would not know who I am. I have decided the best thing to do is to wait and go to Santa Barbara for her burial instead. I can't swing 2 trips and I know I'd be more help in Santa Barbara so I'm going to wait. It is hard though. I miss her so much. She wore Jordache Jeans when she was in her 70's and stayed on-top of the latest style trends for years (up until she turned 90). She was such a fun lady. It'll be sad to see her pass away, but I know she has missed my grandfather so very much and they will have a joyous reunion in Heaven. Hospice isn't sure how long she has, but they are going to make her last weeks or months as pleasant as possible for her.

In closing, I want to again wish a Happy Mom's Day to everyone. I am blessed with some amazing women in my life: my Mom, my Aunt Linda, my Step-Mom, my Grandma, and Miss Sandy from across the street. She has been a wonderful surrogate grandma for my kids since Kay died. She is always giving them little gifts and inviting them over to play. I am beyond grateful for her love and influence. Much love to Mom! I hope you enjoy your King-Crab brunch. Wish I was there, too. And not just for the crab ;oD .

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Houston said...

Hey cutie, I loved hanging out with you yesterday, you are totally my long lost sister! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day and I will keep Genevive in my prayers, she sounds like she was a real hoot.