Friday, April 24, 2009

Aaaaaah, springtime.

We had a really great trip to Denver with the kids. It was nice to get away and spend some time together just having fun and relaxing. It didn't start out well though. We were halfway between Cheyenne and the Colorado border when our car started acting up. We turned around and I called the dealership who said they couldn't see us until 1:00 that afternoon. We thought it was the fuel filter but we were wrong. It was the Cam Sensor. I'm not sure what that does, or what it even is, but I know that little guy is expensive. $450 and 90 minutes after arriving at the garage, we were back on the road headed to Denver.

Waiting at the Dealership for the car to get repaired.

After the car was ready, we realized it was too late to go to the Butterfly Pavillion that day so we headed to Colorado Mills Mall to the LEGO Store. Brendan found a really neat Star Wars set. As luck (or just really smart store placement) would have it, there was a Build-a-Bear Workshop right next door to the LEGO Store. Katie was thrilled to create her own ballerina Hello Kitty friend, complete with pink panties and a blingy sequinned purse. Yes, that girl can accessorize like no other. There was a major winter storm moving in to the area that night so we went to the grocery store to stock up up things for the next day, just in case we were totally snowed in at the hotel. We also went to Barnes & Noble and got the kids each a book.

Kids snuggled in bed reading their new books.

There were predictions of blizzard-like conditions for Saturday so I was quite shocked when I woke up that morning and there wasn't even a trace of snow yet. It was a little windy and cold, but the storm had made a slight deviation in its track - and ended up delivering a major blizzard to Cheyenne instead. Life was good. for us anyway. :oD

We got another small storm a couple of days later so we weren't able to go to Dinosaur Ridge like we'd planned, but we did manage to fit in all of the other fun things we had wanted to do.

The Butterfly Pavillion was great. Katie had a big orange bow in her hair and the butterflies kept landing in it. Nobody wanted to touch Rosie the Tarantula, but Katie did sit next to her. After the Pavillion, we headed to Flat Irons Mall, then to Benihana. The kids love that place!!!

We spent a fun day in downtown Denver, complete with lunch at The Hard Rock Cafe, an hour or so at The Tattered Cover bookstore, and Dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. If you haven't eaten there, it is a MUST. The food is amazing (their Creme Brulee is TO DIE FOR). The service impeccable. The price is astronomical. But for a "once-every-two-year-splurge", it can't be beat. We went to Ruth's Chris in Maui last year and it was Brendan's favorite restaurant after that. Tom and I had also visited one in Palm Springs several years ago. Anyway.... We had fun.

Our last day gifted us with weather in the 70s. We went to the zoo, then to the Museum of Nature and Science. They had a great exhibit called "Expedition Health". The kids had a blast!!! Here are the images of the kids walking: Katie - notice all of that energy!

Brendan - calm and casual.

We dropped Brendan off in Ft. Collins on the way home. He was going to stay there for a couple of days. The next day, Sean came by on his way to Charlotte, NC. He was driving through Cheyenne and stayed the night with us. It was fun to have him home for the day. He and I went to lunch the following day while Tom and Katie went to pick up Brendan from Uncle Don's. It was nice to have a little time alone with him. We rarely get that.

Tom and I went and ordered our fencing for the back yard, but the weather was cold and wet the remainder of the week so Tom didn't even get a chance to work on it. Instead, he enjoyed a nice, quiet weekend watching The Masters. Easter was grey and rainy, but we had a nice dinner with Steph & Neal, Amy, and Uncle Don. Then we played Pictureka - Katie's new favorite game.

Easter morning on our way to Church.

Last weekend we got another spring storm - and 24" of wet, heavy snow. It melted completely by Monday and was in the 70s for the rest of the week. Tom and Brendan were sick last week with a high fever/sore throat/head cold thing. Katie caught it this week. Katie's "high fevers" are much higher than most peoples'. Her temp got up to 106! Well, one ear said 106 and the other said 105.3. Either way, it was crazy-high. I finally got it to go down late Monday evening and she steadily improved and was able to go back to school yesterday. But it wore her out. She fell asleep at 6:30 last night and has now been sleeping for 12 whole hours.

Well, I'd better get everyone up and ready for the day. Toodles!

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BDJ said...

You are a busy woman! Glad Katie is feeling better. I got that exact dress for Kessie for her Easter dress! Great minds...what can I say!