Sunday, March 29, 2009

Birthday Pics #2

Here are some more of Katie's birthday pictures. She really did have an amazing time with her friends - and she played the part of Birthday Princess quite well.

Spring Break begins on April 3. I cannot wait. We were thinking of taking a vacation, but decided to wait until Katie grew a little bit (2 inches to be precise) before we go to Disneyworld. So, instead we are going to spend 5 days in . . . Denver. Thrilling, I know. We figured: it is close, there is a lot to do, and it is NOT Cheyenne. So, while it isn't a fantabulous, warm, tropical vacation, it is at least some time together doing fun stuff. We'll be home mid-week before Easter and will spend the rest of the break doing something uber exciting. Fencing our back yard. I know. I know. The fun just never ends around here ;oD .

Everyone here is fine. Marc is doing well in school. Only 3 semesters to go!!!! Sean is taking a job in Charlotte, NC until SEptember. Hopefully it works out well for him. Brendan is his same old sweet self. And Katie is, well, Katie. Never boring. Actually, I do have some funny news on that "Katie front". Her preschool is doing a fundraiser selling Subway coupon sheets. They had a table arranged at the local grocery store and the teachers were taking turns manning it. Katie's teacher called and said, "Tomorrow is our day for selling coupons at the grocery store so we were wondering if we could borrow Katie. We figured with her there, we'd sell out!". So, we loaded our daughter up and dropped her off at the grocery store last Saturday. When we came back 90 minutes later, she had made $200 for the fundraiser. Her teacher was laughing about it. She charmed everyone who entered/exited the store. I need to be sure that I route that energy and enthusiasm into lots of worthy pursuits!


Emily Pitts said...

looks like a wonderful party! and denver's a great place to vacation, there's a lot of fun things to do here :)

it's not like i didn't LIKE disney, it just wasn't what it could have been. my kids are too old to believe in the magic that is so prevalent there. i regret not taking them sooner.

have a great vacation!

Debbie said...

What a fun party!!!