Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bad bogger! Bad, bad, blogger.

Wow. One month since my last post. Sorry.

Let's see. Katie had another round of RSV and a 105.1 degree temp. She was too sick to take to Ft. Collins to the dr. so I went to the ER. The intake nurse informed me there was a 2-hour wait (and the waiting room was filled with very questionable-looking people) so I left and took her to HealthReach instead. They tested for influenza A (negative) so they diagnosed her with another round of RSV. That's been fun.

Brendan has been sick. I've been sick. The only healthy one around here has been Tom - and he's been working long hours so he hasn't even been much of a help. ;o)

Sean and Marc were here this week. It was so nice to have them both home with us!!! We haven't all been together since November, 2007. SEriously. That is just sad. But between Sean's work schedule, and Marc's school and work schedules, they haven't both been able to come home at the same time since then. We had a nice time with them. They played with the little ones quite a bit. Then they talked politics. Not. much. fun. Tom is pretty liberal. Marc is middle-of-the-road. I've always considered myself fairly conservative, but also middle. Sean, however, is very, very right-wing. He considers himself to be "middle-right" and has decided that because I am not as conservative as he is, I must be a leftie. Seriously! I couldn't convince him otherwise. It drove me nuts!!!

While the boys were home, we celebrated Katie's birthday party. She wanted a pink and chocolate cake so I made a pink rolled-fondant tiered cake with chocolate borders. She loved it! Today is her Princess Party. We have the girliest little party favors for each guest. We're holding the party at the Ballet Studio. For this party, she has requested a tiara-shaped cupcake cake. I'll be whipping that one up this morning. I will post pictures tonight or tomorrow. It should be a really fun day. We went and bought her Birthday/Easter dress this past week. It is totally pink and girlie - with white lace tights and a big pink bow (that she insisted she needed). I can't wait!!!

I will post all the details later!

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