Thursday, January 15, 2009

10 Weeks Post-Op!

I went in for my 10-wk. post op appointment on Tuesday. I am happy to report that everything is hunky dory and I don't have to go back! Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The dr. was really pleased with my healing and said to add back activities slowly. Basically, I can do anything that doesn't hurt. I am so happy! They took some "after" shots and let me see them next to my "before" shots and I cannot believe what a difference there was. I just cannot tell you how happy I am that I had it done. I am glad the worst is behind me and I am ready to get on with my life. Whew.

Katie is sick with an RSV-type of ailment this week. She has a high fever and a bad cough. Thus far, she has been much healthier than she was last year so I can't complain. The local news does a "pediatric clinic" update every week where they talk to the peds office here in town and see what illnesses are popping up here in town. Last week the dr. reported 240 cases of respiratory viruses - so it's not just my Katie-bug who is fighting this stuff. She is really quite pathetic. She coughs if she does anything so right now she is propped up in my bed (on Tom's side) drinking a green tea frappuccino and watching cartoons. I am going to lay down with her and take a nap in a few minutes. I was up all night last night with her so we are both pretty tired.

My diet is going well. I didn't work out much this week due to being sick (myself) and having a sick kiddo - but I'm still watching what I eat. I lost 4 lbs. last week! Hopefully it continues to come off. I am determined this time. I will do this. I want to feel good - and wear cute clothes again. I also want to get some family pictures done and refuse to do it looking like this.

My cousin is going through a nasty divorce. Her husband (of 20 years) left her for a woman he works with. He is being mean and nasty and hateful, too. It started to bring up lots of fears and insecurities in me - PTSD from my own divorce, I guess. I hate that. I am typically so secure in my marriage with Tom. He is NOT like Sean & Marc's Dad. He would never abandon me or abuse me or threaten me. But sometimes I forget these things and get scared. I've come so far since we met almost 15 years ago, but every so often I get a flash-back and become afraid that history will repeat itself. Luckily, Tom is patient - and God hears my cries for help - and I can re-focus my energy on positive things. I am so grateful for my life and my family. We have created a pretty good thing here.

Other than that, life is quiet. Marc began school last week. Sean is working too much. Tom is swamped again, too. The usual. I need to download some pictures from the camera and then post them. I'll try to do that this weekend. Hopefully Katie is better by then so I can get a few minutes to myself. She is wearing me out!

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BDJ said...

Hope you guys get feeling better soon. I sooo hate the "sickness" season. I need to be better at working out, you are so determined, some pointers would be great!