Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Year Ahead . . .

2009 is upon us! I am shocked at how quickly 2008 passed by. It was a busy and eventful year for our family. I'm sure 2009 will be as well.

I love the beginning of the new year. It's like a fresh start each year and I always look forward to it. I view the beginning of the school year the same way. This year my focus is on getting healthy and fit again. Now that I am mostly recovered from surgery, I plan on working out again. Until I had Brendan, I worked out at 5 am each weekday. I loved it. After he was born, I was tired and worn out so I slacked off - big time. Well, no more. I am determined to get myself in better shape. I may never be back to my old size or former fitness level, but I will be better than I am now. I am looking foward to getting on the treadmill and not having my shoulders ache for days afterwards (that surgery has done miracles for my back/shoulders, by the way). It all begins on Friday. Can't wait.

Tonight we are celebrating the New Year with the kids. We cheat a little though. Each year, the Time's Square show is played live (with the ball dropping at 10 pm local time), then replayed so it drops at midnight local time. We always watch it "live" with the kids. They celebrate by popping poppers, blowing horns, throwing confetti, etc. at 10 pm. Then we put them to bed. One day they'll realize what we're doing, but until then I'm going to enjoy not having to keep them up until midnight.

I made a bunch of cards yesterday. I used up a ton of scraps and got a couple of dozen cards cranked out. I feel like I accomplished so much. I haven't done much scrapbooking since my surgery 8 weeks ago (can you believe it's been that long already?). It felt good to get something done.

I also re-organized Katie's and Brendan's rooms. That was a huge undertaking. Tom helped with Brendan's, but I did Katie's by myself. I only have the closet left to finish, but I couldn't reach up into it yet. Since my surgery, my arms don't go all the way above my head yet (scars reach from the middle of my chest all the way to the back of my underarm on each side so it is still tight). Tom will help me finish her closet - then I'll be done! Whew!

Well, have a wonderful New Year's Eve. Enjoy this time of new beginnings. Cherish each moment with your loved ones. 2009 is going to be great!

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