Friday, December 19, 2008

I am a Mother

I cannot believe that Christmas is less than a week away already. This past couple of months have absolutely flown by. I'm almost ready for the big day. Almost.

Tom brought the stomach flu home from work last week. Then Brendan caught it. Now I have it. Hopefully we'll be all healthy before Christmas Eve. Today is Brendan's Christmas Party at school. Tom will have to fill in as "Room Mom" today because I will not be able to attend. I am so excited for Christmas Break though. I live for breaks from school. I love having my children home with me - just hanging out and spending time together. We've been enjoying the various Christmas shows on TV the past couple of weeks. I record them on my Tivo and we cuddle up in my bed and watch them after dinner. It is always so fun to watch my children enjoying the same programs I watched as a child.

Speaking of children (and being a mom, and all that that entails), I read the best book last night by Jane Clayson Johnson. You may remember her as a host of the CBS Early Show. She left her job several years ago to become a wife and mother. She left a very lucrative TV contract sitting on the table in order to do this. She is my new hero. Her book is titled, "I am a Mother". It is so inspirational. The world told her she was making a huge mistake but she knew where her heart was. She talks about how motherhood isn't valued as it should be. In social settings, when people ask "what do you do" we usually reply, "Oh, I'm just a mom". We should be PROUD of our calling as a mother. We should be honored with the trust God has placed in us by sharing these little people with us. He is entrusting them into our care and so many of us feel it isn't something to be honored and revered. I am so grateful for each of my children. I take my responsibility to them very seriously. I love watching them grow and change and learn. There will always be time to get my career back on track, but this time in their lives is so fleeting. I want to cherish each and every moment with them.

A year or two ago I received one of those forwarded Q&A email things where it asked what my favorite job that I had held was and I replied "being a mom". Someone (a mother herself) responded, "Is that even a job?". My thought? If you do it right it is. I put everything I have into being a good wife and mother. And my family is benefiting because of it. I'm not saying that I don't have outside interests or friendships of my own - but 99% of my energy is given to my family. This has been a huge blessing for us. There was a time (not too long ago) where my heart was divided between my job outside the home and my sweet Brendan. I worked 50 hours/week and didn't have much left to give him or Tom. I longed to be at home caring for my son and husband, but felt I would be letting myself down if I did so. When Sean and Marc were small, I was not "allowed" to work outside the home (and after devoting myself to our family for 9 years, I found myself divorced, broke, uneducated and unemployed). I was determined never to be financially dependent upon another man again so I worked hard, earned my degree, and threw myself into my job. I felt I needed to work in order to feel secure. After Brendan was born, slowly (I am not always a quick learner) I realized that for this season of my life, I am going to focus on following my heart. My heart led me here. Home. I've honestly never been more content.

I am not putting down people who choose to work outside the home. If that is where their hearts lead them, they should be there. I am just saying that all women should be proud of their jobs - whether in the home or in the workplace. I am just sad that so many people look down on women who choose to give up a career, salary, validation, etc. in order to care for their children. There is honor in giving yourself to others. I am a mom, but I am proud to say that I am a mother. I am proud of my choice to put my plans/dreams/goals on hold in order to devote myself to my family. I am grateful that we women have a choice.

Here are some pictures of my sweet children - wouldn't you want to be there 24/7, too?
Katie in front of the Christmas tree before her school program:

Katie and her "gingerbreads cookies". She begged me for these for a couple of weeks.

Sean and Brendan in their Bronco garb before the game on 12/7. They were so excited to go to the game that day.

Tom and Brendan at the Broncos v. Chiefs game on 12/7.

Katie on the day she earned her tutu. She worked very hard learning all of her foot positions in order to get her tutu. It was an exciting day for her.

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MrsB said...

I totally agree...and I do the same thing, well I use to anyway :) "I'm just a mom", but you're right - it's a job if you're doing it right! It's the hardest job I've ever taken on but there is NOTHING (aside from my marriage) I'm willing to throw myself into, fully, because I know I only get ONE shot at raising these little people. That makes this a very, very important job!