Friday, November 28, 2008

'Tis the Season

Christmastime is here! I love Christmas. It is my favorite time of the entire year. I love Christmas music and Christmas trees and Christmas lights and Christmas cookies and wrapping gifts, etc., etc., etc.

However, I hate Christmas shopping. I cannot stand the crowds of rude people in the stores. I don't like how commercial it all is these days. We remedied this with our kids several years ago. They are allowed to ask Santa for 3 gifts. Only 3 gifts. That is all Santa brings. Here is our reasoning: Christ received 3 gifts for his birth (gold, francensense and myrrh). Why should they receive more than HE did for HIS birthday? It works, too. Quite well. Of course they always ask why so many other kids receive more than 3 gifts - and we explained that it is OUR rule and we told Santa that is how we want him to do it at our house. A few years ago, Brendan really wanted 4 things and he just could not narrow his list to 3. He looked at me and asked "Why weren't there FOUR wisemen?". We stuck the 4th gift in his stocking (it was a minor item). Yes, I am a sap. But they still get the meaning and understand. Last week Katie informed us that she gets 4 gifts this year because she's a big girl now. I'm not caving this time. :o)

We had a nice, quiet Thanksgiving yesterday. Uncle Don came up from Ft. Collins so we ate early (he doesn't like to drive home in the dark). Our dear friend, Paul, was going to come over, but wasn't feeling up to it. Paul is undergoing Chemotherapy and is suffering from some side effects. Tom and I took dinner to him yesterday afternoon though. Just in case he was able to eat later. I watched the parade on TV (well, part of it - I was busy cooking). Katie loved the Rockettes and danced with them in my bedroom. It was so cute!!!!!! Brendan hid in his cave until dinnertime. Tom cleaned and helped cook (well, he prepped the turkey and popped it into the oven).

Last night I was so tired, I fell asleep before 9 pm. Then I woke up at 3:30 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep (which is why I'm blogging at 4:30). This would be an ideal schedule if I enjoyed Black Friday Shopping, but I don't (see above paragraph). I did too much yesterday so I plan on relaxing on the couch (or in bed) all day today.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Merry Christmas!

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BDJ said...

Glad your Thanksgiving was good! Great idea for Christmas!!! I've always struggled to find a balance in the gift giving category!
Happy day to you!