Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Made it home

I arrived home last night tired, but so happy to be back with Tom and the two little ones. I had a terrific Florida. It was (I thought) supposed to be a surprise for my cousin, Paula. I was going to surprise her at our tea party (we went to high-tea at a darling little tea house). The joke was on me though. They had all planned a surprise 40-th birthday party for ME. I am so darned gullible! It was a blast though. Lots of laughing, teasing, catching up, and just plain ol' hanging-out. Loved it. I rarely have time with my mother. Having my aunt and cousins there was icing on the cake for me. I'll post pics and the entire story later in the week.


domestic bliss said...

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Kimmy P said...

Hey Marti! It's Kimmy aKa PinkKimmyChic from MMFY. Came across your blog and thought I'd say hey :)