Saturday, September 20, 2008

Yah, I'm a slacker.

Not really - it just appears that way. Once again, we are sick (or is it "still"?). We aren't suffering from anything major, just a nasty cold/sinus infection/cough thing that won't leave. Doesn't it know it is unwelcome? I don't have time to entertain you, Mr. Cold. I have a kazillion other things to do right now.

Huge football game today. BYU v. WYO. In Provo. I soooooo wish I was going to be there. I live for this game each year. Our friend Steve and I have a fun rivalry over this game. And considering that BYU beat UCLA by such a humongo margin last week, I think I'll win this year. again. I had intentions of going online and ordering a window cling that looked like a football had smashed into your windshield - and it said, "BYU FOOTBALL" on it. I wasn't going to order it for myself. I was going to stick it on Steve's car. Fortunately for Steve, I got sick again and never got around to placing my special order. Maybe next year. He'll love it, I'm certain. Steve, Caroline, and their family are in Casper today so poor Steve is going to miss the game. But, I am a great friend so I volunteered to text him updates of the score all afternoon. I'm sure he is looking forward to hearing from me. every single time that BYU scores. Which should be quite a lot. Of course, if BYU doesn't win, I will be eating CROW served up by my good buddy Steve.

For the record, I don't really like BYU that much. I actually just ADORE Steve Young - and BYU happens to be his Alma Mater. I started liking BYU during Steve Young's college days. Then the LA Express was my fave team. Then the Bucs. Then the 49ers were my favorite team. So, really, BYU isn't my favorite team any more. ESPN is. But, it is just too much fun teasing my buddy Steve (the other Steve, not Steve Young) about it every year. Now, don't go feeling sorry for my pal. He can dish it out far better than I ever thought of doing. When word got out that Steve Young had gotten married, my buddy Steve called me to make sure I knew all about it. Of course, that day I happened to be home from work, lying in bed nursing a broken heart. (Not really, I had a bad case of bronchitis, but a broken heart sounds better. )

I am blessed to be married to a very understanding husband. One who completely tolerates my mad crush for Steve Young. Gosh I love that man (Tom, not Steve Young). Well, him, too. But mostly Tom.

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BDJ said...

You are so funny! My brother is the biggest BYU football fan in the universe and he teases me all the time about how BYU wins and my team loses (I don't have a team, but whatever team BYU is playing is my team, therefore, I usually lose.) So that cake decorating sounds like super fun. When is it at. e-mail me! Hope you get feeling better, let me know if you need me to run errands for you.