Thursday, August 14, 2008

Youch!!!!!!!! Otherwise known as, "you may feel a little pressure"!

Yes, I had my mammogram today. I don't think I'll be doing that again any time soon.

Brendan's palate expansion was a huge success. He gets his lower braces on in September and his top braces on in November. He has a humongo gap between his two front teeth (which is a good thing). He has to get his 4 canine teeth pulled next Wednesday afternoon.

He had a super time with Sean. They got to stay with Sean's grandparents on their ranch in Utah, which he enjoyed immensely. They fished, went to the lake, and just did "guy stuff". They are already planning next summer's trip.

I'll update more later. I wanted to leave you with two layouts that I created for a contest at . I won, but it was mainly by default (a bunch of people were eliminated for not following the contest rules completely. But, I won nonetheless. Both layouts were based on sketches provided to us for the contest. I was in the "simple" group - there was also an "embellishment overload" group.

Here is the first one (I want to apologize in advance to Linda):

Here is the final one:


Shanna said...

I LOVE those layouts Marti!!!!

Anonymous said...

yepper you won and thats all that matters.
Wondered how you liked your Fiskars prize, suitcase and kit?
I started a post for ya on the board