Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Today is the Day!

This is it. 40. It's been wonderful so far! I need to say that last night was the funnest night I've had in FOREVER. 4 of us met at Olive Garden and had wine, appetizers, and dessert. Marc called while I was out and Tom told him that I'd gone out partying with my friends for my 40th and Marc replied, "Isn't that a little out of character for Mom?"! I guess it's my mid-life crisis.

Lincoln Brewster has a song called "Today is the Day" and the lyrics go:

Today is the day You have made. I will rejoice and be glad in it. I won't worry about tomorrow, I'm trusting in what You say. Today is the day!

So, without further adieu, here is my "40 things to rejoice about today":

- I still have the next 1/2 of my life ahead of me!
- I am more confident.
- Girlfriends - 'nuff said.
- I am more comfortable with myself than when I was in my 20's.
- I still have both of my parents.
- My firstborn called me first thing this morning to wish me a Happy Birthday!
- Katie picked out a pink birthday card for me - her favorite color, and mine!
- Tom is such an understanding and supportive partner in life.
- Mani/Pedi's
- Going out with friends and "closing down the place" for my birthday - even if the placed we closed down was the Olive Garden.
- Scrappin' all day today with my beautiful daughter.
- It is cool and overcast today, not hot and sweltering like it has been.
- Tom let me sleep in this morning.
- He got me a pink iPod & and iTunes gift card for my birthday.
- Birthday Greetings in my inbox this morning - even one from Donny Osmond. Sigh.
- My backyard is done - and is gorgeous!
- I'm looking foward to a quiet evening at home tonight with Tom & Katie for my birthday.
- I cancelled my mammogram. It was scheduled for today - who wants to do that on her birthday?!?!
- I am in pretty good health (other than the occasional bout of pneumonia).
- I am joyful. Always.
- I am genuine. Nothing phony here.
- We're planning our fall scrappin' retreat - got some fun things ahead!
- A lifetime (so far) of terrific memories.
- A lifetime (so far) of not-so-terrific memories - but I have learned a lesson from each one.
- My relationship with my Savior is a blessing to me and my family. I used to think that my faith came from a religion - but it is from my relationship with God.
- I'm not perfect. I don't have to be. It's ok.
- Friday lunches with Tom. I work Friday mornings and Tom usually works on town on Fridays. So, we have the babysitter stay for an extra hour while we go enjoy a quiet lunch together. I look forward to those Friday lunches more than he will ever know.
- I have 4 really incredible children.
- Green Tea Frappuccino. Yummo.
- I'm having a chocolate birthday pie tonight!
- My husband still finds me hot even thought I'm 40 & chunky.
- I love being creative.
- My Rowenta iron. Love it.
- We live in a happy and healthy home filled with love, laughter, and nurturing.
- My marriage is strong and happy. That man rocks my world.
- I have a healthy, open relationship with each of my children.
- I am blessed with a very part-time job (mainly from home).
- I am blessed that I am not dependent upon the salary from my very part-time job. I love being a stay-at-home mother. It is the greatest blessing Tom and I have.
- My children all have great relationships with one another. Brendan is with Sean this entire week and they are bonding and laughing and having fun. Love that.

and, (insert drumroll) the final wonderful thing about my life at 40 is...................................

- mineral makeup. That stuff covers everything! It is my friend.

Have a blessed day! I know that I will!!!!

Love to you all!


Amanda said...

Awww...awesome list, Marti!! Happiest of birthdays to you, my friend! Sorry I didn't make a card or anything...I'm such a slacker sometimes, lol! Glad you had a rockin' time last night (wish I were there!) and hope tonight's just as special! Go you!

Debbie said...

Marti! So glad you have so many great things in your life!! You deserve it!!

angie worthington said...

awesome list!!!...hope you had a wonderful 40th bday...i have 2 more yrs in the 30's....

Shanna said...

Happy Belated 21st Birthday girl! Didja get jiggy wit it? HA HA! Yah... I'm a nerd!