Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Those pics I promised..........

OK. I finally posted some pictures. Here they are in random order:

Bonnie and me at The Olive Garden celebrating my 40th Birthday!

Belinda and Michelle at The Olive Garden.

Brendan's Coach's "end of year" gift. It is a shadow box for his office wall.

The party favors I made for my 40th Birthday Cropping Day in Ft. Collins. I made 12 of them.

Jay Cutler looking right at me when I was taking his picture. I'm going to have this one enlarged and hung on Brendan's wall.

Champ Bailey (grey shirt) having a little conference with a couple of other players. Nice view, huh?

Brendan and Katie in Denver. This little stream ran along the walking path behind our hotel. I took the kids out for a walk while we were waiting for Tom's meeting to end.

Brendan at Denver Bronco's Training Camp. Studying players and stats:

Katie at the Denver Broncos Training Camp. Being her usual self:

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