Monday, July 14, 2008

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Lots going on here. Baseball is over, thank heavens. The playoffs were brutal. We hadn't expected to win the first round game, so playing yesterday morning was supposed to be a bonus for the kids. Not quite a bonus, I'm afraid. I arrived at the game to find the other team's coaches yelling about the fact that we had borrowed a couple of kids from other teams because we only had 7 players. Two were on vacation and one was mormon and not allowed to play on Sunday. Our coach called the League President and was told it was fine to borrow from teams of the same level. These kids weren't all-stars by any means - just your average 8 year old player. I am thinking of filing a complaint against the other team's coach because at one point in the game, he was standing behind Brendan - BRENDAN - jumping up and down, pointing at my dear son, and screaming, "He didn't touch second!!!! He didn't touch second!!!" (Brendan had been on first and made it to third - and yes, he DID touch 2nd base). Brendan was terrified. When he crossed (and touched) homeplate, I took a picture - just in case the coach wanted to question THAT. I have never seen coaching quite that bad. What. a. tool. Seriously. It was an ugly game. We lost by 1 run. I was just as happy not to have to play again after that mess. We gladly came home and spent a quiet afternoon together in our fabulous new back yard. I have inquired about putting Brendan in the recreation league in Ft. Collins next year and we found out that he can definitely play down there. It will be a pain to drive there twice a week for baseball, but at least he won't be exposed to situations like that again. His coach this year was wonderful. His coach last year was pretty bad (win at all cost), but not as bad as the opposing team's coach was yesterday morning. I think I'd like him to stay out of Cheyenne baseball from this point on - or at least until he is older. I truly believe that 8 years old is too young to have to deal with a grown man pointing at him and screaming about him like that. To top it all off, parents from the OTHER team were coming up to OUR coach and apologizing for their coach's behavior. It was so unfortunate and not at all what I want my child to witness at such a young age.

Well, I'll update more later in the week! Blessings to you all!!!

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Shanna said...

Marti!!!! You're are the SWEEEEEETEST! I ♥ you girl! Thanks so much for doing this! They can't click on the "love this" button.... they gotta scroll down and click the link under description then choose my name off the list that pops up!

You are seriously a doll for doing this! THANK A BILLION!