Monday, July 21, 2008

Finally - a new week!

I got sick again last week - a relapse of pneumonia. I went to the dr. on Wednesday and he put me on a different antibiotic, 2 inhalers, and a nasal spray. Hopefully I am over it completely now. I do not want that back again. I still have a bad cough and am quite fatigued, but feel soooooooo much better than I did last week.

Brendan is done with golf lessons for the year. He had a great time at Collindale. They always do a golf tournament for the kids in their Junior Golf program. He'll play in that on August 12. He is pretty excited. We had to go buy him new clubs last Tuesday night - he had outgrown his since our trip to Hawaii! We were lucky to find him a great set on sale right here in town!

Tom played in the Tri-State golf tournament this past weekend. He came in 9th in his flight. He was fairly happy with that. The wind howled all day on Saturday so the scores were pretty high. He is glad that his swing is finally back. Those lessons in Hawaii really paid off for him!

We got the hoop post concreted into the slab last night. Tom will finish installing the basketball hoop tonight. The kids (and Tom) are pretty excited! It is a really nice adjustable one so we can lower it for Brendan and Katie.

Well, I'm going to spend the day cleaning, doing laundry, and trying to catch up from last week. Brendan has his orthodontist appointment tomorrow morning so they can install his palate separator. He will get his 8 braces in the next few months.

Well, that is all from here. I am hoping to get some scrapbooking in tonight or tomorrow. I did a little bit yesterday, but not as much as I'd have liked.

Have a super week!

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Papertrails by a paper lover said...

Hey Marti! Thanks for congrats! Your son is so cute! What a great picture! Take easy on yourself. Don't want to overdo it. Glad you are feeling a little better.