Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Update

Tom had his annual review this morning at work - and scored fantastically! I am not surprised. he works so hard. He met his new Regional Managing Director and really liked him. He doesn't have an Office Director yet, but hopefully they'll find someone terrific.

Tom has decided that he is going to try to get on the Board for baseball and we may keep Brendan in Cheyenne Junior League for one more year to see if they get a better handle on the coaches. Hopefully next season doesn't end like this one did. My poor son - he didn't even know the other team's coach (neither do Tom or I - I've never seen him before). I understand that these coaches are volunteers, and that emotions can run high - but what happened to my son was inexcusable. It was a terrifying experience for him. Tom has coached several sports - for several years - and has never seen anything like this either.

So..........we're just going to see how things go next season. Hopefully Brendan still wants to play. If not, I'll just let him focus on his golf (that is his strength anyway) and we'll try to forget all about this. Brendan seems fine today. He has golf lessons in Ft. Collins today and Thursday - then he is done for the year.

The kids are thoroughly enjoying our play set and the back yard. I'll be glad when the fence is up. I'll feel more comfortable having the kids back there alone.

Sean is here until tomorrow afternoon, then he has to go back to Evanston for a dentist appt. It has been so nice having him home!

I'll check in later in the week!!! I hope you have a wonderful and blessed week.

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