Saturday, June 14, 2008

Quick post with some pics!

I'm Princess Katie! This is how the girls introduced themselves at the recital. She received lots of "aaaawwwwwws" after her turn. She was so happy and excited to be in the performance.

Katie in her ballet attire. She had a super week and really loves her lessons. I think she will continue this for a long time.

Bren and Katie in their pool this afternoon. It was in the 80's today so they were eager to cool off a little bit.
The Princess Class after their recital. Much fun was had by everyone (especially the proud parents). The teachers were the Queens and the girls were the Princesses. Katie is the 2nd from the left - sitting in the front row (blue hat and blue skirt).

Katie making her grand entrance to the recital. She was very excited when she saw us and ran to the front of the line so she could say hi!

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