Thursday, June 05, 2008

Happy Summer?!?!

This is a picture of my wonderful husband standing on a metal ladder in a terrible rain/thunderstorm trying to clean out our gutters. They were full of pine needles from the blasted tree next door and refused to drain. Thus, we had water pouring out from the TOP of the gutters and into our flower beds - and almost into our window wells. Yes, it may appear that I am cruel and just stood there and photographed the event while my husband risked his life - but I actually helped him and wound up getting just as wet and cold as he did. I promise.

Once each year our tree blooms with brilliant pink blossoms. I love it. Unfortunately it is short-lived. It lasts an entire two days. But, while it is in its glory, I thoroughly enjoy the view. This year, I decided I wanted to get pics of the kids amid the pink flowers. So I made them climb a ladder - the same ladder their father used last night to rid the gutters of pine needles. Now, Brendan looks (and actually was) quite relaxed and happy to be on the ladder posing for portraits for his obsessive-compulsive mother .........

Katie, on the other hand, refused to relax and smile for me - she was PETRIFIED. This was the best smile she could muster.

Miss Sandy (across the street from us) recently went on a trip to Salt Lake City (to the new IKEA store - I am uber jealous). She, of course, brought gifts for the kids - bubbles/bubble gun/ginormous bubble wand. They were in heaven! She is such an awesome surrogate grandma to the children. They just adore her.

Those were the highlights of the week. Wanna hear the low-lights? Well, we had to cancel our Denver Trip. Didn't get to see Mamma Mia - and didn't get to stay at The Brown Palace. Our darling, beautiful, sweet, thoughtful daughter decided to get sick. She was up all night Friday night with a fever/head cold. We canceled everything (lost a bunch of coin on that deal). By Saturday evening, she was feeling juuuuuuuuuust fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. Go figure.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for Brendan! Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am more excited than he is, I think. Can't wait. Next week he and Tom will be in Ft. Collins all week for golf lessons, and Katie has "Princess Week" at Ballet School.

Tom's Father's Day gift will be arriving on Monday - landscapers. We are having our yard done. It will be our Mother's-Father's Day/July 4th/Labor Day/Halloween/Thanksgiving/Birthday/ Christmas/New Year's/Valentine's/Anniversary gift for the next zillion years. Holy Buckets, landscaping is expensive. I'll take before and after pics though. HOpefully it is worth it. We may have to mortgage our first-born. Or all 4 of them.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you our big news! Tom is opening an office in Cheyenne. Nolte finally got him an executive suite so he doesn't have to drive to Ft. Collins every single day any more. He'll be up here 2 or 3 days/week - and the other days he'll be in CO. We are very excited! So is our gas card ;o) .

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Debbie said...

That's great news about Tom's office! It will make winter so much easier for him. Can't waitto see your yard Marti! It's money well spent. I don't regret one day of spending money on our house.

Cute pictures of the kids!!!