Thursday, June 12, 2008

A few pictures..........

Brendan and I had a "Mommy and Me" Day on Saturday. He has been begging me to take him to Graffito (ceramics place) for a while so he chose to do that for our activity. We had a blast. He painted a dragon and I painted a cup for my pencils on my scrapbook table. We get the finished pieces back on Saturday. I can't wait to see them. After Graffito, he wanted Chinese for lunch (Tom hates Chinese so we rarely go there). It was a wonderful day. We seldom get to spend time alone, without Katie. It was nice to reconnect.

Tom and the kiddos on the Paddle boats at Fort Fun. Katie lasted a whole 3 minutes before she started screaming that she was getting seasick. I think she has PTSD from the Whale Watch in Maui.

Katie's version of mini-golf - doing everything except actually focusing on playing mini-golf.

Fort Fun - don't they look thrilled to pose for another picture. I think they are getting tired of me.

Brendan had golf school this week in Ft. Collins. They had an awards ceremony this morning after the last class and Brendan won first place in chipping. He was one of the youngest in the class so that is really quite an accomplishment for him.

Katie is finishing up Princess Week at her ballet school tomorrow. She has a recital at 11 am. I can't wait to see her up there! She has enjoyed her week immensely. Very fun program - and she has perfected her "curtsey".

I'll post more after Katie's dance performance tomorrow.

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Debbie said...

Cute pictures Marti!!

Looks like you are all having a fun summer!