Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day Pics with Katie

A local photographer (Val Rothwell) does a Mother's Day shoot each year for Moms and daughters. You all know that I HATE having my picture taken, but for some reason I agreed to go have our portraits done anyway. As much as I cannot stand the sight of myself, these ones didn't turn out as bad as my pictures usually do.

On a side note, my daughter decided she wanted to be the pre-game entertainment at Brendan's baseball game last night. The entire baseball complex was standing at attention for the National Anthem. The music came on. Everyone stood with their hands on their hearts. Except for Katie. SHE decided to do ballet instead. She performed a brilliant dance to the entire anthem. When she was finished, she bowed to the crowd - and they all applauded. I guess we need to work on "how to stand quietly during the national anthem". Well, she was quiet, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Marti, I disagree you look wonderful in these pictures, a very pretty lady. Not to mention your daughter.
Also just wanted to mention what a great blog you have, very nice.


Debbie said...

Your daughter is such a cutie!!! Glad her performance was well praised!

Love your pictures Marti! I grew up with Val...have known her since the 1st grade!! She's a sweetie!