Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I hope you enjoyed the pics below. I took over 400 pictures, but didn't think you would want to sift through ALL of them!

OK. My pineapple story (I mentioned it in my previous post). Well, I wanted to bring pinapple back from Maui. It is so yummy over there - nothing like the ones you get in the stores here. They are so much sweeter there. I wanted to go to the Maui Tropical Plantation and pick up some pinapples - and to look around their plantation a little bit. I thought the kids might find it somewhat interesting. Well, we never got time to go over there.

Then I saw the ad for "Mr. Pinapple". He has pre-packed boxes of pinapples, already inspected, and they are ready to be checked in with your luggage - plus he is on the main road leading to the airport. When you go TO Hawaii, you are allowed two suitcases, when you come home FROM Hawaii, you are allowed two suitcases PLUS a box of pineapple. I wanted to bring some pineapples back for us and a few other people. However, our rental car was packed to the gills with luggage. Nowhere to put anything. Seriously - none.

When we arrived at Mr. Pinapple, Tom didn't want to get the kids out of the car and take them in just to get some pineapple. I told him I'd go up and buy it (the store was on the 2nd floor over a gas station). I ran up there and saw all of the boxes sitting there waiting to be purchased. Mr. Pineapple explained that they had been picked fresh within the past day or two. On an impulse, I decided to get the 12-pack. of pinapple. that weighed exactly 49.5 lbs. Mr. Pineapple guarrantees that it won't exceed the airline weight limit and that I wouldn't be charged an extra "heavy baggage" fee at the airline.

Mr. Pineapple offered to carry the box down to the car for me - and I took him up on it. It did, after all, weigh 50 lbs (almost) and I had to go down a flight of stairs to get to the car. I explained to the nice man that my husband was going to freak when he saw the box and to just ignore him.

We went down the stairs and turned to corner leading to the car - and when Tom saw us he got a shocked look on his face and exclaimed, "What are you doing? We don't have room for that!!!". Mr. Pineapple (being the wonderful salesman that he is) explained that the airport was only 3 minutes away so it wouldn't be too heavy to hold. So I put it on my lap and held it all the way to the Rental Car return area.

He was still a little miffed when we arrived in Denver and he had to fetch the 49.5 lb. box of pineapples off of the luggage conveyor - until everyone around us started exclaiming, "Oh, I wish I'd have done that!!! What a wonderful idea to bring back so much pineapple". He seemed to perk up a little bit then. He decided that I was not so crazy after one of the ladies explained to him that you can't get Maui Gold pineapples anywhere except Maui - and there are even some places there that don't carry it. And when he got to deliver pineapples to our neighbors, family, and friends in Cheyenne, he decided that I might even be a touch brilliant (well, maybe not - but at least he wasn't so exasperated anymore). Everyone was thrilled to get a Hawaiian pineapple delivered right to their door by Tom and his two little pineapple elves.

Next time I go to Hawaii, I am going to bring home another 12-pack box - maybe even two!!!!

By the way, we only have TWO pineapples left. We gave the rest away. :o)

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