Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Mom, do I have a unibrow?"

THAT is what I heard from my sweet little boy this afternoon when he got home from school. Some horrible little girl (who I am really praying wakes up tomorrow with a humongo mustache) told him he had one.

"Um, well, not really - maybe a little bit" was my reply.

He just announced to me that he had, indeed, seen his unibrow and he hates it. He wants it gone.


This must be the week for "hair" in my family. When I arrived home from the store the other day, Katie informed me that she was a doctor and that her daddy had been her first patient. She said she'd checked his heart, his blood pressure, and his ears. I asked if everything looked fine. Her reply?

"Daddy's ears have pokies and he needs to shave them."

Aren't kids lovely?!?!

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Debbie said...

Too funny!!! Kids are so cruel sometimes1