Saturday, April 05, 2008


The vacation was fabulous - just what we needed. We arrived home with renewed spirits and so many wonderful memories!!! We've already noticed a huge change in Brendan - he is smiling (REALLY smiling) for the first time in months. Vacations are so awesome.

The condo was amazing. Right on a golf couse and overlooking the ocean. There were 2 pools: a family pool (we spent a lot of time there) and a quiet pool (which we never got to use because our children aren't that quiet).

We did the following:
Got a traditional lei greeting at the airport when we arrived

visited the Maui Ocean Center and saw a diver feeding sharks and sting rays.

Went to a luau - this one was funny. Katie (3) asked what was on the hula dancers' necks. I told her they were leis. She said, "No, what is on her tubby (tummy)?". I told her they were coconuts. She replied (quite loudly - and several times) that SHE WANTED COCONUTS ON HER BEE BITES, TOO! OMGosh. Funniest "Katieism" ever! After an entire evening and morning of hearing this, we bought her a hula set and she wore coconuts and grass skirt several times. I'll post pics later! Best $6 I ever spent. Seriously. Oh, and yes, I KNOW we should call them "breasts" but "bee bites" seems to fit better for a 3 year old. She can have breasts when she is a teen-ager! ;o)

Went on a whale watch. Saw Mom and baby whales with a couple of boyfriend whales thrown into the mix. Then Katie threw up all over Tom. Thank heavens I wasn't holding her. She was one sick kiddo. We had a group of 5 dolphins accompany our boat back to the harbor - way cool. We also saw sea turtles swimming by our boat. Other than the seasickness episode, fun trip. The whales were amazing!!!!

Went to the beach where I proceeded to fry myself to a blistered, red, sore crisp. I am still recovering from that one. I am such an idiot sometimes. Figured I wouldn't get burned - boy was I wrong.

Went on the Sugar Cane Train. Not too exciting, but Brendan is a train buff so we went for him. Gorgeous views though.

Tom golfed once by himself and once with Brendan. Then he went and took a 1/2 day course at the Leadbetter Academy in Wailea. He loved it and was able to improve his swing dramatically.

Went to one of those "pick your oyster and get whatever pearl is inside" places. Brendan chose an oyster with 2 GORGEOUS chocolate colored pearls in side - and had them made into earrings for me (Daddy paid for it though). Katie chose one that contained 2 pink pearls, which we made into earrings for the future (she doesn't have pierced ears yet). Since we had the pearls mounted, the lady let each child choose another oyster. Brendan got a beautiful black/blue/green pearl in his and Katie got.....2 more pink pearls. She was thrilled. Pink is her very favorite color ever.

We did a bunch of other stuff - but those were the highlights.

I'll post my pineapple story later. It's a whopper!

Glad to be home, but missing the islands already. We're still super tired (we flew home all night Thurs. night and landed at 7:19 am in Denver).
Now I just need to scrap those pictures!

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Debbie said...

Marti...sounds like you had a great time!! Out of the mouths of babes! Katie is a crack-up!!!