Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Mom, do I have a unibrow?"

THAT is what I heard from my sweet little boy this afternoon when he got home from school. Some horrible little girl (who I am really praying wakes up tomorrow with a humongo mustache) told him he had one.

"Um, well, not really - maybe a little bit" was my reply.

He just announced to me that he had, indeed, seen his unibrow and he hates it. He wants it gone.


This must be the week for "hair" in my family. When I arrived home from the store the other day, Katie informed me that she was a doctor and that her daddy had been her first patient. She said she'd checked his heart, his blood pressure, and his ears. I asked if everything looked fine. Her reply?

"Daddy's ears have pokies and he needs to shave them."

Aren't kids lovely?!?!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Only 1

Well, I only lost 1 pound at my last weigh-in. Ugh! I was on such a roll, too - LOL. Hopefully I lost 1.4 lbs. this week so I can get that blasted gold star.

Denver was a blast. Tom and I had such a wonderful time. We realized that we hadn't snuck away for an entire day since we had Katie. Three years ago. That is so pathetic. :o) .

We began by going to Loveland, CO for the "Springtime in the Rockies Quilt Shop Hop". I found some cute quilt patterns and a couple of kits for some embroidered wall quilts. Then we drove to Denver and had lunch at TGI Fridays. It was nice just eating together - and not having to cut up anyone else's food first ;o) . We drove to Park Meadows to pick up my $100 gift card that I won. I used it to buy two super cute pairs of sandals. I was only going to get one pair, but Tom talked me into getting both of them. He is such an awesome guy. The shoe sales lady person couldn't get over it - a husband insisting his wife get TWO pairs of shoes rather than just the one pair that she wanted. I am one lucky girl.

Anyway, then we went to Golfsmith. Tom spent 90 minutes in there looking around. He loves going to golf stores. We found Brendan a little Junior sized pull-cart for his clubs. That way Tom doesn't have to carry them - Brendan always packs his golf bag with too many golf balls (last time he took 19) and it gets too heavy for him to carry. Hopefully the cart helps.

We then went to Target to pick up a small cooler so Tom could take back some BBQ from his favorite place in Denver - Brother's BBQ is the best ever!!! We picked up 1 lb. of roast beef and 1 lb. of pulled pork, some sauces, 6 buns, and a bunch of ice to keep it cool until we got home. Then he took me to Landry's Seafood for dinner. YUMMO!!!!!!!!! If I gained weight, rather than lost it this week, I'll know it was from the King Crab with the drawn butter. Oh my gosh. I thought I was dreaming!! It was so good. I have been working out this week to make up for it though.

I found an awesome workout show on Fit TV - it is called Shimmy. It is belly dancing!!!!! Very fun and works those abs! Try it and tell me what you think!

Brendan has baseball practice tonight - luckily the weather was nice today. It snowed on them a little on Monday night. Springtime in Wyoming is so unpredictable!

Katie and I both have appointments with the allergy/asthma doctor on Friday. Hopefully he'll have some ideas of how to keep Katie healthier next winter so we don't end up in lockdown again. What a rough season this has been.

We're getting the kids' schedules figured out for summer. Brendan has a week of golf in June in Ft. Collins, he and Katie then have a week of Vacation Bible School, then Katie has a week of pre-school. In July, Brendan has 2 weeks of golf (2 days/week), and Katie has nothing. August (so far) is completely FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do plan on taking them to the spray park in Cheyenne and to the awesome kids pool in Ft. Collins this summer, too. We also have movie passes to a local theater - 1 kids movie/week for the summer!!! Brendan will also be in the Junior Golf program in Cheyenne. They don't allow kids to start until they are 8 years old. This will be Bren's 4th year of golf because we've been taking him to Ft. Collins for 3 years already. It should be a fun summer. I can't wait!

Well, that is all from here. The weekend looks cold - and quiet. Tom is excited to watch the EDS Byron Nelson tournament this weekend (golf). HOpefully I can get some scrapbooking in while he is holed up in his man cave!


Saturday, April 19, 2008

12.6 lbs.

I joined Weight Watchers the day after we returned home from vacation. After trying to lose this poundage on my own (and failing miserably), I have finally decided that this is absolutely unacceptable and I need to do something! So I joined WW.

Since I went for my first weigh-in the day after we got home, I was still retaining water in my hands and feet (and probably a bunch of other places). I was a little shocked at my beginning weight, but quickly decided that it was ok - it is a starting point - and it will never be that high again.........ever.

So, after a week of diligently keeping points, being uber careful about everything, and drinking a gazillion gallons of water, I returned last Saturday for my 2nd weigh-in. The leader saw the number and sputtered, "This is highly unusual! Don't expect this every week. Really, this is not common at all". She then announced that I had lost 12.6 lbs. In one week. Unfortunately, I had to explain to her that it was probably 12.6 lbs. of water, not fat. I had been on vacation......yadda, yadda, yadda.

I go for my 3rd weigh-in this morning. I am quite positive that I won't have lost anywhere near 12.6 lbs. I just hope it is 2.4 lbs. or more so I can get my next 5 lb. gold star. I feel like I'm in Kindergarten. Collecting gold stars again.

Tom and I are off to Denver for the day. Amy will be watching the kidlets (I you, Amy!). I am excited to spend a day with my best friend. We never seem to get time together these days so I cherish these rare occasions when we can sneak away together.

Kids are great. Tom is great. Life is soooooooo darned good.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yes, I deleted.......

..........my cute "jib-jab" song with Tom and Brendan. Tom wasn't as amused by the whole "Daddy & Brendan wearing coconucks" thing as I was. Personally, I thought it was hysterical. Tom........well, not so much. LOL.

Things are quiet today. Except for JD crying at me. He is really whiny today. How soon is summer again?!?! Brendan is supposed to have baseball practice today, but we are also supposed to get snow so I think they're going to get canceled.

Tom and I are going to Denver on Saturday...without kids!!! Can you believe it?!?! Amy is going to keep the kiddos for us so we can spend the day together. The Quilt Shop Hop is in Lovelant that day, too - but I don't know if we'll stop there or not. I have to go to Park Meadows Mall. I won some sort of drawing for a $100 gift card! Wooo Hooo! I have to go personally pick it up. And then I'll spend it. We'll probably go to lunch and then some home after that. I would love to stay the night there, but I don't think Tom is up to leaving the kids that long ;o) .

I'll post more later! JD needs a nap. So do I, but crying about it doesn't seem to get ME anywhere.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

BluePrints 2

Finally!!!!!!!!!! Blueprints 2 is going to be released in May!!! They requested one of my layouts last summer, but the publication date kept getting changed. I am so excited for this and I can't wait to see it. Here is a link to the site - pre-orders are beginning now and include a small discount.


Went to a fabulous crop yesterday in Ft. Collins. Finally met a bunch of the Denver Peas! The talent in that room was amazing - theirs, not mine. Very inspiring. I started scrapping our Hawaii trip and got about 12 pages done, I think. Very fun. Can't wait to get together with everyone again.

Have a wonderful Sunday. We'll be watching The Masters all afternoon.


Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I hope you enjoyed the pics below. I took over 400 pictures, but didn't think you would want to sift through ALL of them!

OK. My pineapple story (I mentioned it in my previous post). Well, I wanted to bring pinapple back from Maui. It is so yummy over there - nothing like the ones you get in the stores here. They are so much sweeter there. I wanted to go to the Maui Tropical Plantation and pick up some pinapples - and to look around their plantation a little bit. I thought the kids might find it somewhat interesting. Well, we never got time to go over there.

Then I saw the ad for "Mr. Pinapple". He has pre-packed boxes of pinapples, already inspected, and they are ready to be checked in with your luggage - plus he is on the main road leading to the airport. When you go TO Hawaii, you are allowed two suitcases, when you come home FROM Hawaii, you are allowed two suitcases PLUS a box of pineapple. I wanted to bring some pineapples back for us and a few other people. However, our rental car was packed to the gills with luggage. Nowhere to put anything. Seriously - none.

When we arrived at Mr. Pinapple, Tom didn't want to get the kids out of the car and take them in just to get some pineapple. I told him I'd go up and buy it (the store was on the 2nd floor over a gas station). I ran up there and saw all of the boxes sitting there waiting to be purchased. Mr. Pineapple explained that they had been picked fresh within the past day or two. On an impulse, I decided to get the 12-pack. of pinapple. that weighed exactly 49.5 lbs. Mr. Pineapple guarrantees that it won't exceed the airline weight limit and that I wouldn't be charged an extra "heavy baggage" fee at the airline.

Mr. Pineapple offered to carry the box down to the car for me - and I took him up on it. It did, after all, weigh 50 lbs (almost) and I had to go down a flight of stairs to get to the car. I explained to the nice man that my husband was going to freak when he saw the box and to just ignore him.

We went down the stairs and turned to corner leading to the car - and when Tom saw us he got a shocked look on his face and exclaimed, "What are you doing? We don't have room for that!!!". Mr. Pineapple (being the wonderful salesman that he is) explained that the airport was only 3 minutes away so it wouldn't be too heavy to hold. So I put it on my lap and held it all the way to the Rental Car return area.

He was still a little miffed when we arrived in Denver and he had to fetch the 49.5 lb. box of pineapples off of the luggage conveyor - until everyone around us started exclaiming, "Oh, I wish I'd have done that!!! What a wonderful idea to bring back so much pineapple". He seemed to perk up a little bit then. He decided that I was not so crazy after one of the ladies explained to him that you can't get Maui Gold pineapples anywhere except Maui - and there are even some places there that don't carry it. And when he got to deliver pineapples to our neighbors, family, and friends in Cheyenne, he decided that I might even be a touch brilliant (well, maybe not - but at least he wasn't so exasperated anymore). Everyone was thrilled to get a Hawaiian pineapple delivered right to their door by Tom and his two little pineapple elves.

Next time I go to Hawaii, I am going to bring home another 12-pack box - maybe even two!!!!

By the way, we only have TWO pineapples left. We gave the rest away. :o)

Check out my Slide Show!

Saturday, April 05, 2008


The vacation was fabulous - just what we needed. We arrived home with renewed spirits and so many wonderful memories!!! We've already noticed a huge change in Brendan - he is smiling (REALLY smiling) for the first time in months. Vacations are so awesome.

The condo was amazing. Right on a golf couse and overlooking the ocean. There were 2 pools: a family pool (we spent a lot of time there) and a quiet pool (which we never got to use because our children aren't that quiet).

We did the following:
Got a traditional lei greeting at the airport when we arrived

visited the Maui Ocean Center and saw a diver feeding sharks and sting rays.

Went to a luau - this one was funny. Katie (3) asked what was on the hula dancers' necks. I told her they were leis. She said, "No, what is on her tubby (tummy)?". I told her they were coconuts. She replied (quite loudly - and several times) that SHE WANTED COCONUTS ON HER BEE BITES, TOO! OMGosh. Funniest "Katieism" ever! After an entire evening and morning of hearing this, we bought her a hula set and she wore coconuts and grass skirt several times. I'll post pics later! Best $6 I ever spent. Seriously. Oh, and yes, I KNOW we should call them "breasts" but "bee bites" seems to fit better for a 3 year old. She can have breasts when she is a teen-ager! ;o)

Went on a whale watch. Saw Mom and baby whales with a couple of boyfriend whales thrown into the mix. Then Katie threw up all over Tom. Thank heavens I wasn't holding her. She was one sick kiddo. We had a group of 5 dolphins accompany our boat back to the harbor - way cool. We also saw sea turtles swimming by our boat. Other than the seasickness episode, fun trip. The whales were amazing!!!!

Went to the beach where I proceeded to fry myself to a blistered, red, sore crisp. I am still recovering from that one. I am such an idiot sometimes. Figured I wouldn't get burned - boy was I wrong.

Went on the Sugar Cane Train. Not too exciting, but Brendan is a train buff so we went for him. Gorgeous views though.

Tom golfed once by himself and once with Brendan. Then he went and took a 1/2 day course at the Leadbetter Academy in Wailea. He loved it and was able to improve his swing dramatically.

Went to one of those "pick your oyster and get whatever pearl is inside" places. Brendan chose an oyster with 2 GORGEOUS chocolate colored pearls in side - and had them made into earrings for me (Daddy paid for it though). Katie chose one that contained 2 pink pearls, which we made into earrings for the future (she doesn't have pierced ears yet). Since we had the pearls mounted, the lady let each child choose another oyster. Brendan got a beautiful black/blue/green pearl in his and Katie got.....2 more pink pearls. She was thrilled. Pink is her very favorite color ever.

We did a bunch of other stuff - but those were the highlights.

I'll post my pineapple story later. It's a whopper!

Glad to be home, but missing the islands already. We're still super tired (we flew home all night Thurs. night and landed at 7:19 am in Denver).
Now I just need to scrap those pictures!