Friday, March 07, 2008


Brendan and Katie at Christmas. These are basically the only pictures we got this year. The first one is Christmas Eve. They left Santa some milk and brownies and a picture that Brendan created for him. The second picture is of the annual Gingerbread house. They really enjoyed making it this year and Brendan only got a "little" impatient when Katie ate the candies.

Katie's "before & after" shots when she had her hair cut. We cut over 6" off and she still has long hair!

Katie and JD - the baby I am watching until June.

We closed on the house last Friday. It was a sad day for Tom and Steph - really rough on them.
The doctor says I have cartilage damage in my toes - and one was also, indeed, broken. No fun. I have to wear a shoe/cast thing for another 10 days, then I can slowly work up to regular shoes.
Katie is sick again. Not as bad as last time though, fortunately. Hopefully this bout of RSV will be a minor one for her. She is really having a rough year.
I'll check back in later!

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