Monday, March 17, 2008

Katie............the fish slayer!

My daughter single-handedly killed 15 fish last week. She didn't intend to - she isn't cruel or anything - but it happened nonetheless. She tried to help feed Brendan's fish when nobody was there and dumped an entire jar (brand new, full-to-the-top) into the tank. We noticed about an hour later. So. Not. Fun. We tried vaccuuming out as much food as possible, but couldn't get it all without completely draining the tank (which isn't good for the fish either). I even made an emergency run to Walmart (my LEAST favorite place on earth) at 10:30 at night to get a 2nd filter/pump thing. The worst part of this ordeal? Brendan's fish had just given birth to 11 babies the previous week. They were sooooo stinkin' cute. Well, the fish have been expiring slowly over the last several days and the final 4 passed away yesterday. Brendan is so bummed. I guess that solves our "what are we gonna do with all of these baby fish while we're on vacation?" dilemma.

Katie turned 3 yesterday. It is hard to believe that much time has passed already. We had a very small family party for her Saturday night, but she had a blast! I'll post pics later this week.

We leave in one week for our vacation. We are all getting very excited. With the exception of the long plane ride, it should be a great trip.

I'll post at the end of the week!

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