Monday, February 04, 2008


Well, things are improving around here!!! I am happy to finally have some good news ;o) .

We sold Kay's house - in one day. The sign wasn't even up in front of the house yet and we had a full-price offer. They close on the 26th. Such a huge relief to have that done. We were seriously stressing.

Since the house sold but the car didn't, we are buying Kay's car. I am less than thrilled about it because I want an mini-van, not an "old-lady car". But, it was a great deal so we decided to buy it for now and get a van later. So, we are now the proud (or not so much) owners of a Chrysler Concorde with only 15k miles on it. When I told Tom it was an old-lady car, he said, "Newsflash - we aren't young!". I replied, "Newsflash, I'm not old enough to drive an old-lady car!". Obviously, he won that debate ;o) .

My house and garage are still full of boxes/furniture/stuff that we don't know where to put. I think we'll work on it this weekend.

I am watching our friend Jaime's baby, JD. He is absolutely the sweetest little guy on the planet. He is such a good baby and sooooooooooo cute. He is 6 mos. old and we are loving having him here. She is a teacher and didn't really look for daycare until after he was born - and had no luck at all. One center said they could get him in in May - at the end of her school year. So I am watching him until she is able to place him somewhere. I would do it permanently, but Katie goes to preschool 3 days/week next year and I am looking forward to some "Marti" time!!! Actually, I'm going to work for Tobin 2 mornings/week, and volunteer in Brendan's class one morning. Not much "Marti" time - but fun nonetheless!

That is all from here. I'll post pics of the kids and JD later in the week! Blessings!!!


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