Saturday, February 16, 2008

So..........I went to download pics from the camera and my camera cord was gone. Tom had borrowed it for work and never returned it. And now - he can't find it!!! As soon as he locates the wayward cord, I will post pictures.

We went to dinner last night . . . without kids! Can you believe it. Seriously, this happens maybe twice each year. Since it is lent, we decided to go out for Shrimp Fajitas - yummo!!! They were so good!!! I had a strawberry margarita (haven't had one of those since '94 - seriously!

The kids went with Stephanie and neal to the Archery Range. Brendan is getting to be a great shooter with his bow. He made Tom try to shoot when we got there and now he wants to get Tom a compound bow for Father's Day. Katie also tried her hand at archery and did well.

The vacation planning is coming along. We got our condo booked - on a golf course near the beach we loved last time. We are all getting really excited for the trip. Katie has been practicing her Hula dancing. It is so stinkin' funny! We're going to buy a new DVD camcorder before we leave so we can record the kids.

Tom has to go finish his mom's house today. They are going to work on the garage and the storage shed out back. They should be able to complete it all today - the weather looks good and they're going to start first thing this morning.

I'll post again when I find my camera cord!


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Debbie said...

Marti...Tom should buy you a new Canon Rebel for losing your cord. Just my opinion.