Monday, February 11, 2008


Well, the house is really quiet at the moment - a very rare occurrence these days. Katie just fell asleep in my arms on the couch and JD is asleep in my room. I love moments like this!

Katie got her hair cut on Saturday in Loveland at Lollilocks - VERY cute kids' salon. Next time she also wants a pedicure! Oy! Anyway, her hair was down past her little tushie and was constantly getting tangled. We cut 6" off of it - and it is still halfway down her back!!! She has so much hair. The stylist was amazed, too and said that she has 5 year olds come in for haircuts that don't have as much hair as Katie. I'll post pics soon. I always say that - but I really will, I promise!

The house closing is still scheduled for the 26th. Hopefully it doesn't get changed. The buyer has requested some repairs, but when we put it on the market the realtor had indicated to us that we wouldn't be responsible for repairs because it was an estate. I'm not really sure what will happen at this point. I just pray it all doesn't fall through because the minute it closes, we are booking our vacation to...............................

Maui! I cannot begin to tell you how much we need this right now. The kids are so excited. Marc and Sean won't be able to go due to school/work commitments, so we're a little bummed about that. But, Brendan and Katie are really getting pumped up about it. We'll leave during Brendan's spring break and spend about 10 days on the island. I. cannot. wait.

I'll update after we hear more. I'd better go enjoy my quiet time ;o)

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