Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Doing Laundry Is Hazardous To Your Health!

So.....a few weeks ago I was doing laundry. This seems to be a neverending task around here. Anyways, I was bringing some laundry from the upstairs to the laundry room and I kicked a box of Tide that was sitting directly in front of the washing machine. And I broke two toes. Well, I searched "broken toes" on WebMD and it indicated that the common treatment is to tape the broken toe to a "buddy toe", rest the foot, and ice it. I did none of these.......because I am an idiot. My theory usually is, "ignore it and it will go away". Well, I did (ignore it) - and it didn't (go away). So I have an appointment Friday morning to get it checked out because I can barely walk and I want to be 100% healed before I leave for Hawaii next month. Do ya think it'll be all better in 3-1/2 weeks?!?!

Also, I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how the Tide got downstairs next to the washing machine. I never would've placed it there - I always place it on the utility table next to the washer. I was mad at myself for not being more careful about where I placed things and wondering why I didn't just put it on the table. Well, Tom finally confessed last night that HE had brought it downstairs for me because he wanted to be helpful. Since I can't be mad at him (he was, after all, trying to be helpful), I am now mad at myself for not being more careful about where I was walking.

The house closing had to be rescheduled because the judge hasn't signed the papers yet. Hopefully they will be signed today or tomorrow and then they can close on Friday. It will be so nice to have all of this behind us. We need to get through the tasks so we can begin the grieving and healing process. It has been quite difficult - for Tom and Brendan especially.

I will update on Friday and will hopefully have good news about the house, my toes, and everything else!


Thursday, February 21, 2008

We're booked!

Well, the airline tickets are booked and the condo is reserved. The only thing left to do now is wait for 31 more days so we can leave! I can't tell you how much we are looking forward to this trip. We just really need to get some time away together. I wish the older boys could come - that would make it absolutely perfect.

JD is with his Grandma tomorrow so I have a day off! Well, Katie will be here, but somehow she seems so much easier now that I've been keeping a baby every day ;o) .

I just received a phone call from the Barack Obama Campaign office here in Cheyenne. I, Marti, a lifelong staunch Republican, will be switching parties tomorrow to register as a Democrat. I can't believe I just said (or typed) that. The Democratic caucus is March 8 here in Cheyenne and I need to switch parties by tomorrow if I want to support Obama at the caucus (personally, I don't understand WHY they won't let republicans in their caucus - ha!). I'll probably switch back to Republican for the next election though. Tom hasn't completely converted me. :o)

Well, that's all from here. Tom still can't find my camera cord so I still can't post pics. I'll tear the house apart this weekend and see if I can find it though. I need to get the camera emptied!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Saturday, February 16, 2008

So..........I went to download pics from the camera and my camera cord was gone. Tom had borrowed it for work and never returned it. And now - he can't find it!!! As soon as he locates the wayward cord, I will post pictures.

We went to dinner last night . . . without kids! Can you believe it. Seriously, this happens maybe twice each year. Since it is lent, we decided to go out for Shrimp Fajitas - yummo!!! They were so good!!! I had a strawberry margarita (haven't had one of those since '94 - seriously!

The kids went with Stephanie and neal to the Archery Range. Brendan is getting to be a great shooter with his bow. He made Tom try to shoot when we got there and now he wants to get Tom a compound bow for Father's Day. Katie also tried her hand at archery and did well.

The vacation planning is coming along. We got our condo booked - on a golf course near the beach we loved last time. We are all getting really excited for the trip. Katie has been practicing her Hula dancing. It is so stinkin' funny! We're going to buy a new DVD camcorder before we leave so we can record the kids.

Tom has to go finish his mom's house today. They are going to work on the garage and the storage shed out back. They should be able to complete it all today - the weather looks good and they're going to start first thing this morning.

I'll post again when I find my camera cord!


Monday, February 11, 2008


Well, the house is really quiet at the moment - a very rare occurrence these days. Katie just fell asleep in my arms on the couch and JD is asleep in my room. I love moments like this!

Katie got her hair cut on Saturday in Loveland at Lollilocks - VERY cute kids' salon. Next time she also wants a pedicure! Oy! Anyway, her hair was down past her little tushie and was constantly getting tangled. We cut 6" off of it - and it is still halfway down her back!!! She has so much hair. The stylist was amazed, too and said that she has 5 year olds come in for haircuts that don't have as much hair as Katie. I'll post pics soon. I always say that - but I really will, I promise!

The house closing is still scheduled for the 26th. Hopefully it doesn't get changed. The buyer has requested some repairs, but when we put it on the market the realtor had indicated to us that we wouldn't be responsible for repairs because it was an estate. I'm not really sure what will happen at this point. I just pray it all doesn't fall through because the minute it closes, we are booking our vacation to...............................

Maui! I cannot begin to tell you how much we need this right now. The kids are so excited. Marc and Sean won't be able to go due to school/work commitments, so we're a little bummed about that. But, Brendan and Katie are really getting pumped up about it. We'll leave during Brendan's spring break and spend about 10 days on the island. I. cannot. wait.

I'll update after we hear more. I'd better go enjoy my quiet time ;o)

Monday, February 04, 2008


Well, things are improving around here!!! I am happy to finally have some good news ;o) .

We sold Kay's house - in one day. The sign wasn't even up in front of the house yet and we had a full-price offer. They close on the 26th. Such a huge relief to have that done. We were seriously stressing.

Since the house sold but the car didn't, we are buying Kay's car. I am less than thrilled about it because I want an mini-van, not an "old-lady car". But, it was a great deal so we decided to buy it for now and get a van later. So, we are now the proud (or not so much) owners of a Chrysler Concorde with only 15k miles on it. When I told Tom it was an old-lady car, he said, "Newsflash - we aren't young!". I replied, "Newsflash, I'm not old enough to drive an old-lady car!". Obviously, he won that debate ;o) .

My house and garage are still full of boxes/furniture/stuff that we don't know where to put. I think we'll work on it this weekend.

I am watching our friend Jaime's baby, JD. He is absolutely the sweetest little guy on the planet. He is such a good baby and sooooooooooo cute. He is 6 mos. old and we are loving having him here. She is a teacher and didn't really look for daycare until after he was born - and had no luck at all. One center said they could get him in in May - at the end of her school year. So I am watching him until she is able to place him somewhere. I would do it permanently, but Katie goes to preschool 3 days/week next year and I am looking forward to some "Marti" time!!! Actually, I'm going to work for Tobin 2 mornings/week, and volunteer in Brendan's class one morning. Not much "Marti" time - but fun nonetheless!

That is all from here. I'll post pics of the kids and JD later in the week! Blessings!!!