Friday, January 18, 2008

I think I see a light........... the end of this tunnel.

Katie is starting to feel much better. She isn't complaining much about having to stay home all the time, but I'm sure she'll be begging us to take her to play at McDonald's soon. Do you think I can stall her until April?

Brendan is still struggling with Kay's death. Wednesday morning before school was really difficult. He wouldn't eat breakfast and would barely talk. When he finally did speak, he burst into tears. I got him settled down before I took him to school, thank heavens.

We are almost finished cleaning out Kay's home. The house will be done this weekend and then Tom will just have the garage to finish. We needed to get the house done so we could put it on the market next week. We need to get it sold ASAP.

I get to go to a crop all day tomorrow. Well, I'm going until about 1:30, then coming home for a while, then I'll return until 9 pm. Can't wait. I need some "me" time. The crop is a fundraiser for a 19 mo. old baby who died from leukemia in November. His parents are young, have another baby on the way, and have LOTS of medical bills from his treatment. Such a heartbreaking situation. Hopefully the fundraiser will be a huge success and will help to ease their burden a little.

My scrapbook room is almost finished (except for the painting). I got some nice pieces of furniture from Kay's house and they look great in there!!! I'll post pics when I get it done. It may be a little while though - we need to do some painting around the house before I can completely finish moving furniture around.

Katie is calling for help. Talk later!


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