Sunday, January 06, 2008

Holy Moly - How do I get off this train?!?!

I am someone who craves a nice, quiet, uneventful life. I love to savor the little things - the small moments in time that make life wonderful. Things are just a little too crazy for me right now. I want to retreat into my shell and hibernate for a few months. Unfortunately, a situation has arisen that is going to force me to do so.

I had to rush Katie to the hospital on Thursday night - again. She had a temp of 105.3. I tried a cool bath for 30 minutes (including sponging her down head to toe the entire time) and tylenol, but only succeeded in lowering it to 105.2. When I brought Katie in the door, the sweet male nurse who helped stitch up her lip last year was sitting at triage area. He asked her if she was feeling sick and she looked at him with those big, brown eyes and said, "My feel awful". He nearly cried. They took her right back - took her temp in a way that she has NEVER had her temp taken before TWICE (she was thoroughly unimpressed, by the way) - and got her into a room. Tom arrived about 45 minutes after we did (he had returned to work that day for the first time since Kay's death so he had to drive from Ft. Collins). After throat swabs - again TWICE - and x-rays, they found she has RSV again. This case is much more severe than the first case that lasted 7 long weeks. They did a nebulizer treatment and made her use an inhaler - again, she was thoroughly unimpressed. We were able to bring her home around 9 pm.

I will say that while she was at the hospital, she charmed everyone in sight. She ended up coming home with 2 stuffed animals and a blanket! All of the hospital staff was doting on her and bringing her gifts. Very, very funny.

Her doctor's office called on Friday to see what the ER had diagnosed her with. They are a little concerned. First, it is her second bout of RSV this year, and it is still early in the season for it. Second, there is a strong history of asthma in our little family (Marti and all 3 boys have it) and she may be developing some issues, too. Third, she became so very ill this time with a deep, congested cough and a high fever - this case was much more severe than the last one.

So, life is going to have to change around here for a while. After much discussion with the doctor, Tom, and God, I have come to the realization that I need to keep her isolated from other children as much as possible until Springtime. So, I have resigned my leadership position at MOPS, withdrawn from Bible Study, and pulled her out of her music classes. I am also going to have to keep her home from the stores as much as possible due to the germs in the carts (if I have to take her to a store, the nurse advised to thoroughly wipe down the cart before placing her in it, and sanitizing her hands the minute we return to the car after shopping). It pains me to do this - I know she will miss our activities as much as I do - but my priority is to keep her healthy. There is an RSV immunization, but she is beyond that point this year. She can get it next fall (early) and it will hopefully help her next year. Once you get RSV, you are much more susceptible to it - and since she has had it twice already this winter, we really need to protect her even more.

So, we'll have lots of time together at home. We'll be able to play games, read books, cook and scrapbook together. I was excited to put her in ballet this spring when she turns 3, but that will have to wait until next fall now. I just cannot take any chances with her. She really frightened me on Thursday.

She is improving slowly. Her temp was down to 103.4 last night before bed. And, she actually slept through the night last night, too. I pray her cough goes away soon, too - it sounds soooooooo painful.

Well, that is all from here. I'll update again soon. Blessings to you all!!!


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Debbie said... sorry to here about Katie. Well the sacrafices we make for our kids is crazy sometimes but their well being is so important. Hope things get better soon!