Monday, August 27, 2007


Got tagged so I thought I'd post it here - these are fun to do sometimes. Not much time to post this morning. I'm hoping to do a complete update later this week. Kay is home and recovering - and she has Ellie with her! Bren starts school on Wednesday (I am so sad, I don't want him gone all day). The idea book with my layouts arrived on Friday! You can order it by going to - it is called The Memory Mania Masterpieces Idea Book. My layouts are on pages 9, 40, and 72. I am sooooooooooooo excited!

Here it is:

Yourself: blessed
Your partner: strong, loving, faithful, wonderful, kind, caring, giving
Your hair: Freshly cut & colored - yea!
Your mother: is in Florida
Your father: just had knee surgery
Your favorite item: My iPod and my fab Rowenta iron (yes, my iron)
Your dream last night: I don't remember
Your favorite drink: Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino (Katie's fave, too)
Your dream car: VW Bug convertible
Your dream home: would have no neighbors, would be on a beach in a nice, warm locale, would have 6 bedrooms, a huge kitchen, and one absolutely fabulous scrap/quilting room
The room you are in now: family room
Your fear: My children won't be healthy and safe; I stay fat forever; I lose sight of who I am in Christ; I am not the mother that my children deserve
Where you want to be in 10 yrs: healthy and happy and fulfilled
Who you hung out with last night: Tom, Brendan and Katie
You're not: exactly where I want or need to be right now, but working on getting there
Wish list item: to win the powerball (but that would require actually buying a ticket, which I never do ;o) )
Last thing you did: Read the newspaper
What are you wearing: my jammies
Favorite weather: a crisp fall day
Favorite book: Anything by Beth Moore
Last thing you ate: Dinner last night
Your life: is peaceful and happy and wonderful
Your mood: great!
Your best friend: Tom.
What are you thinking about right now: taking a shower and making my "to-do" list for the week
Your car: Honda Accord
WHat are you are doing at this moment: bloggin'
Relationship status: Married to my dearest friend
What's on TV: Nothing down here - Disney Channel in my bedroom (Katie is watching it)
Last time you laughed: this morning when Katie got up and demanded to see "Be-Be" (Brendan) because she missed him


Sunday, August 05, 2007


Ellie - my dog-in-law from he**. She is, truly the worst dog I've ever been around. She is our. new. houseguest. We are the lucky recipients of her companionship until Kay is able to care for her again. Yes, Brendan is allergic to dogs. Yes, everyone in this family KNOWS Brendan is allergic to dogs. Yet, somehow, we were chosen to care for the little beast. She shrieks - yes shrieks - unless she is in bed with us at night. She chews on anything except her dogfood. She is extremely spoiled. Please pray for a quick recovery for Kay - we cannot stand much more of this dog ;o) .
Brendan at the Park in Grand Lake, CO. We had a super day there and took a break to let the kids play for a while.
Brendan and Katie at Grand Lake. They loved seeing the water and throwing rocks into the lake.
Katie in Grand Lake. Their downtown was quite charming and we enjoyed seeing all of the shops.

You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Kay is being weaned off of her ventilator. Hopefully she'll be out of ICU by Tuesday.

That's all for now. I had a nice, long post written - and then Blogger got locked up or something - and lost it. I was not happy. So, this message isn't as long, or interesting, as the last one - but it'll have to do for tonight. I need to get kids to bed - and try to get Ellie settled down for the night, too.


Saturday, August 04, 2007


Kay had surgery this morning. She was put in ICU on Friday due to high carbon dioxide levels and they had to postpone surgery until they were regulated. They had to replace the ball portion of her hip, and put a steel rod in her femur. She will be in the hospital, then at a rehab facility, then can hopefully return home in about a month or so.

I'll update again later!


Thursday, August 02, 2007

Home.........and all heck breaks loose!

We had a blast in Winter Park. It was very relaxing and in the mid-70's all week! It was pure heaven! Tom had to work the first two days there (I was not a happy girl), but the rest of the trip was wonderful. We went to Winter Park Resort and spent the day on the Alpine Slide, playing mini-golf, running the maze, etc. Katie fell asleep on her 2nd run down the slide - it was so cute! Tom spent a day golfing at Pole Creek GC - which he loved. We spent a day in Grand Lake - very pretty, but a little crowded. We went on the Georgetown Loop RR. The rest of the time was spent relaxing, swimming, etc.

The only bummer? Katie arrived home with double ear infections. She started screaming when we were 20 minutes away from home and had a 103 degree temp within two hours. It was Saturday night. During Frontier Days. Ugh. We had to take her to the ER (again, on a Saturday DURING FRONTIER DAYS). Luckily I called ahead and the hospital saved us a bed for her so we didn't have to wait long.

Three days after returning home, Tom's mother fell and broke her hip. She is having surgery sometime in the next few days. Her bp is too low to operate right now so they are giving her plasma and trying to stabilize her first. No fun for her - or us. It is going to be a long recovery for her, I'm afraid.

Lastly, my niece is having her tonsils out on Monday so they've asked me if I will take care of her next week while she recovers. She is 16 so hopefully she is self-sufficient by the following week.

I'm ready to go back on vacation after all of this.

I'll post some pictures and an update on Kay later in the week - when things settle down. I hope things settle down.

ps Our dear friend, Caroline, has been battling cancer for over a year now. She finished all treatments a this past fall and went in for a follow-up PET scan last week. Unfortunately, the scan showed an area of concern. Please keep Caroline and her family in your prayers.