Thursday, July 19, 2007

Leaving Town!

Vacation - all I ever wanted.......
Vacation - happy to get away.....

For those of you who aren't as OLD as I am, that was a song by The GoGo's from many years ago. And, yes, I am lame and am sitting here with that song stuck in my head at the moment. I am such a loser ;o)

Anyway, we will be out of town all next week. We are leaving Cheyenne right in the height of Frontier Days and the heat. We are retreating to a quiet mountain hideaway (well, a condo in Winter Park) for a week. The temps are expected to be in the mid-70's (compared to the mid-90's here) all next week and we cannot wait. Of course, Tom is working like crazy trying to get some projects/proposals done before we leave. This is his pre-vacation ritual. Never fails. It happens every time. It drives me nuts. But, once we are up Winter Park, I will forget all about it and he won't be stuck sleeping on the sofa bed. Well, maybe not after the first night or two ;o) .

Brendan's last golf lesson is tomorrow - hallelujah! He spent last night with Uncle Don, comes home tonight, has a birthday party to attend tomorrow morning, golf lessons in the afternoon, home to pack, then leaves on vacation on Saturday morning. That kid lives a great life. I wanna trade!

Sean is still in quite a bit of pain, but seems to be slowly improving. I talk to him daily and he sounds a little better each day. He has an appointment on Monday (and x-rays and a cast change).

I hope all of you have a wonderful remainder of July. I will check back after our trip and post pics of the kids and all of the fun we have planned for them.


Friday, July 13, 2007

Sean Update

He is pretty sore - and pretty tired - but doing OK. His doctor called him this morning to check on him and told him that they put a bone stimulator in his wrist, so he will have to have another surgery in three months to remove the wires. But, the doctor also said that, once he got inside the wrist, it actually looked more like it would heal that he thought it would look. Sooooooooo, hopefully he is right. I'll update again when I know more!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Medical Stuff!

Sean just came out of surgery (he was in for over 4 hours!) and things are looking pretty good for him. The doctor cleaned out all of the broken pieces of bone, scar tissue, etc. and grafted some of his hip bone into his wrist. He thinks that he should heal really well, providing Sean follows all of his instructions. Prayers are still appreciated.

I went to the allergist today because I've been so darned miserable lately. Well, I am allergic to just about everything that grows. I reacted to: 8/13 trees, 12/13 weeds, 6/6 grasses, 1/4 molds, 2/4 dusts, and all three agricultural crops (alfalfa, sugar beet, and corn). They want to start me on shots right after our vacation, but they will take up to a year before I feel the full effect. If they don't work in that time frame, the shots will be discontinued because they aren't working. If they do work, I will receive the shots for 5 years and then should be able to stop them and have full immunity to the allergens.

That's the update from here! I'll write more later.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Here is a layout of Katie-bug. She wanted an ice cream cone for breakfast!!!!!!!! Yes, I gave in. I am such a sap..............

I just found her upstairs - asleep in my bed - holding the plate of cupcakes on her lap. She was trying to be sneaky, then conked out before she could complete the job. I was DYING to take a picture, but Tom took the camera to work today to photograph a project!!!!!!!! He is not in my good graces at the moment ;o) .


Sunday, July 08, 2007


Brendan's baseball team will be in the playoffs next weekend. He is very excited and we are just praying that he can hit the ball again ;o) . Here is the picture of his hit on the 4th. Golf starts on Wednesday, then makeup game Thursday, then playoffs Saturday and Sunday. Busy week for the B-Man (and Mom).
Tom has his golf tournament next weekend, so I'm not sure how much he'll be around for the games. Hopefully the schedule works out ok though. He played today in Kimball, NE because the Wyoming Open Golf Tournament is here in Cheyenne at his usual course. He had a good time playing, but struggled a little bit. But, you know what they say.........A bad day golfing beats a good day at work. No complaints from him ;o)
Katie was the evening entertainment last night at Brendan's team BBQ. There was a neighbor girl who does Mexican Dancing (I'm not sure what type), but she was showing everyone her routine and Katie jumped in and danced right along with her. She was the hit of the party. And, wouldn't you know, the ONE TIME I don't take my camera - I needed it. I would've LOVED to get pictures of that. It was sooooooooooooooooooo cute. Everyone told me that I should put her in dance classes. I actually checked that out a couple of months ago, but nobody in town takes toddlers until they are 3 years old. So, she has another year to practice.
Sean's surgery is Thursday. Please continue to pray for complete healing this time. I am so worried about him. I'll update to the blog when he is out of surgery.
Marc is still enjoying Alaska. We talked to him last night and I still can't get over how happy he sounds. I am used to his "broke, depressed college student" voice - this is his "fly-fishing guide extraordinaire" voice. He really is loving life.
Life is the same as usual for me............. I am scrapbooking when I get a chance. I've put in for a few more magazine calls, but haven't heard anything yet. The two books that are printing my layouts in them will be out this summer sometime. Haven't heard a definitive release date yet - but, believe me, when I do I'll let you all know right away!!!! Everyone has been so supportive - asking when they'll be out and if I will let them know so they can buy one. I appreciate you all so very much. I am blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. You are, truly, the best!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

HE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Brendan hit the ball tonight! I cannot even begin to explain how excited the entire crowd was when his bat made contact! The kids in the dugout cleared out and were jumping up and down - the parents were screaming and jumping up and down - and the other team was like, "WTH?!?!". He got tagged out at first base (barely) - but when he turned around to run back to the dugout, his smile was from ear to ear! Tom and I were almost in tears. We didn't realize, until this morning, just how petrified he actually was of the pitching machine. I mean - TERRIFIED! The poor kid has been getting up there, game after game after game, and striking out. He was swinging with his eyes closed and just getting his "at bat" over with every time. Everyone kept telling us it was his hand/eye coordination, but we knew better. He was hitting like crazy when Tom pitched at home - no problems with his coordination there. He was just too afraid to watch the ball. I thought the coaches were going to pass out when he actually hit the ball tonight. Unfortunately, a nasty thunderstorm hit Cheyenne during the second inning so the game will be finished next week. He plays Saturday morning. We have to take him to get a batting helmet (his reward for hitting the ball so well) on Friday and he wants to go practice again after he gets it. We have now, officially, created a monster. He is a baseball machine now. He won't take his uniform off tonight and he is making Tom play ball with him right now. Hopefully we can get the bat out of his hands before the fireworks begin in an hour!

Blessings to you all!!!!!


Happy 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The kids have been thoroughly enjoying their summer break. Lots of time spent in the pool and on the slip'n slide. They are loving life. Of course, they are the only children I know of whose father runs the hose from the kitchen faucet to give them warm water, rather than using the water from the outside spigot. They are soooooooooooooooooooo spoiled that way. Also notice Brendan's technique on the slide - he makes his father slide him (so does Katie). He goes further that way ;o) . Wouldn't it be fun to be a kid again - especially with a Dad like Tom.

Marc called from Alaska - he is enjoying his job so much. They got a fun group of guests in this week. Some guests he's guided once before (during his first year). He said they are all great guys. I miss him more than I can say, but he sounds so happy when I talk to him that it is hard to complain.

Sean is scheduled for surgery on 7/12. Please pray for complete healing this time, if you don't mind. This is his last attempt to avoid having his wrist fused permanently. If this one doesn't work, they have no choice. They are going to go in and scrape the bone out, remove all of the crumbed pieces of bone floating in his wrist, and graft a large chunk of bone from his hip into the wrist. I can't be there for the surgery (nobody to keep the little ones for me).

Brendan's last regular season baseball game is Saturday. He plays tonight and Saturday morning. We spent all morning at the ball fields trying to help him get over his fear of the pitching machine. I think we succeeded!!!!!! It was a rough couple of hours though. Poor kid. When we first got there, he would flinch when the ball left the maching. He was so afraid. By the time we left, he was hitting with no problems. Hopefully his streak will continue through tonight's game.

Katie is talking more each day. They are building a couple of restaurants at the mall so there are piles of dirt in the parking lot. The other day we drove by and from the backseat we hear, "A sandbox - cool!". Tom and I couldn't help but laugh. She is so observant and talks up a storm. It isn't always easy to understand her, but SHE knows what she is saying ;o) .

Tom's schedule has eased up a little bit lately. We are getting ready for our trip to Winter Park at the end of the month - can't wait. Tom is taking his clubs, I'm taking my scrapbooking stuff, and the kids are planning on which games and movies they are going to pack. It'll be a nice trip.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday today. We are so thankful for our country and the freedoms we enjoy. We are so blessed.

Keep cool!