Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Something kinda neat..........

Well, shortly after I posted my last entry here, I got a surprising email. A company who is publishing a scrapbooking idea book wants to publish one of my layouts! I was shocked. I've submitted to a couple of magazines, but nothing serious so I didn't expect to hear anything back. I was so excited when I received the notice. I mailed my layout and my executed contract back today. I can't wait to see the book. It will be out late summer and I will keep everyone updated ;o) I am just so happy about this. I feel so blessed.

Tom worked most of the weekend. He did get the flowers planted at the cemetery though. The poor guy worked until 3 am this morning, and he is still at the office right now. His submittal is due on Thursday - hopefully he gets it all done without working too much more over time.

Brendan's baseball game got rained out tonight, which is just as well because he is sick again. He worked on his baseball swing this weekend and we think he's got it back again. Tom took him golfing a couple of weeks ago and it really wrecked his baseball swing. His team is still undefeated, but they only won by one point last week so their coach was displeased with them. Hopefully their next game will be a fun one for them - even if they don't win by 37 points.

Katie is doing great this week. She is adding new words to her vocabulary every day. She talks constantly - and loves to sing. Her favorite song is........Burning Love by Elvis. She definitely takes after her mom-mom. Love him. Anyway, when that song comes on, she drops everything and starts dancing - almost hopping around the room. It is hysterical! But, she also likes The Wiggles and can do most of their dances, too. She must've got THAT from her dad ;o)

My niece's wedding was beautiful. I wish I could've gone. Tom's work schedule was just too tight. But, I spoke with Angel tonight and she said everything was wonderful, bride was beautiful, reception was great, etc. I can't wait to see the pictures. It is so hard to believe that these kids are getting to be adults. Time just sails by so quickly. I'm sure I'll wake up next week and it'll be Katie getting married. I can't even fathom that - nor do I want to. It just makes me want to freeze time so I can relish these moments with the two younger ones.

I'm working on a terrific bible study right now written by Beth Moore. She is blessed with such a gift and is great at "making it real" for her readers. I have read several of her books, but this is only the second Bible Study of hers that I've done. I have gained so much from her work - she is fabulous!!!! Another recommendation here - you won't be sorry!

I think I forgot to mention that I will be in Leadership for my MOPS group next year. I am really excited about this. This can be such a stressful season of mothering (although, which season isn't stressful for mothers?!?!). I am so happy that I have this group of moms sharing the journey with me. There are some really fabulous women in leadership next year and I know I will learn so much from all of them. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity.

Well, that is all from my windy corner of Wyoming. May God continue to bless you and your families. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily.


Friday, May 25, 2007

Here we go again..............

On Monday, the school called and said that Brendan had fallen on the playground at lunch and had skinned his arm and that he had a nasty bump on his head. I went to the school, looked at it, and took him to be checked out - the injury was just too close to his temple for me to be comfortable. Another trip to the ER. My word, those people are going to think I am an abusive mother or something. Luckily, this one happened at school ;o) . He didn't have a concussion, thank heavens. He is feeling pretty good - just bruised up. They wrapped up his arm, said to watch him for any strange behavior (luckily, it wasn't Katie I had to watch for this ;o) ). He feels fine now - and he loved showing off his bandage at school the next day.

Katie is doing swell this week - no significant falls or injuries to report. Her new word this week is "No-kay" as in "NOT OK". It cracks me up. "Katie, it's time for your nap." "No-Kay!" Ugh! I guess it is better than just a plain old "NO!".
There is no school today or Monday! I love long weekends like this. Tom worked today, but will be off on Monday. I am going scrapbooking in Ft. Collins all day tomorrow (10 am until midnight). I can't wait. Maybe Tom will have all of the cemetery flowers planted while I'm gone ;o) . Well, one can always hope..................
My niece is getting married tomorrow in Evanston. Prayers are going up for a wonderful day - and a happy lifetime together. Congrats Tawna & Devin.
Anyway, have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I hope the memories of lost loved ones bring you joy and peace this weekend. Our love and best wishes to everyone!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Finally - a Real Update!

Life here just keeps flying by. The children continue to grow before my eyes. The two older boys are adults, and it just doesn't seem possible. Tom stays busy at work. And me? Well, I am just watching it all happen. Soaking it in, so to speak. Enjoying the view. Cherishing each moment.

Marc has decided to go to Kodiak in the fall. He is taking a Leave of Absence from school, which doesn't thrill us - but we're going to support him in this. He leaves in a few weeks and we won't see him until October, at the earliest. He is very excited though. He loves going to Alaska and he is counting the days until he leaves. I am excited for him, but I miss him terribly when he is up there. I don't have the luxury of picking up the phone and calling him whenever I want to, and that is really hard sometimes. But, the joy and excitement in his voice is contagious (almost), so I tell him I'm excited and happy for him, too.

Sean has had to withdraw his name from the Exxon job. He needs to get his wrist surgery done now. It is getting worse each week and he can't put it off any longer. I just wish he and his father would have listened to Tom and me when this all happened - and just taken care of it then. But, he thought he'd be playing football forever and missing a season for rehab just wasn't an option for him. I just pray he is able to heal properly this time and that he doesn't have to undergo any further surgeries. I pray he doesn't have any long-term complications, even though I know he will. I pray he is able to get a good job when this is all done - and finally start living his life. He will be in a cast for approximately 5 months. He sounds good and upbeat though. He is going to join us on vacation in July, which will be nice. It'll be strange to have only three of the kids with us - we'll miss Marc a lot, I'm sure.

Brendan is excited for summer. He has a busy schedule already. Baseball has started. They had their first game on Wednesday and his team won 39-12 (no, that is not a typo). He will be taking Summer Religious Ed (CCD) classes in June for two weeks. He will have golf lessons in July, then vacation at the end of July. But, we'll have a lot of time just to hang out, too. We're planning on going to the Ft. Collins pool quite a bit this year. He loves going there and I'm sure Katie will enjoy it, too. He is riding his bike like a fiend now - his big bike even! He was so afraid to ride it, but he caught right on and loves it! He has had a cold and sinus infection this week, which has been no fun - but I think he is finally getting over it.

Katie is Katie. Always perky, moody, sweet, energetic, exasperating, etc. That girl has it all! She goes from "hot" to "cold" in a flash. Her mouth has recovered nicely and she just has a couple of scars still there. Hopefully the Vitaman E will help that. I have to put sunscreen lip balm on her like crazy so her scars don't burn, but other than that she is great. She has embraced the Terrible Twos with a vengeance. I can't turn around without finding a new mess that she's made. She loves following her brother around and doing whatever he does. She can count to 10 now, except she refuses to say "one". It is so funny. If you say one, she'll say two, three...... But she won't start with "one" - ever. I guess we have a few years to get that one down ;o)

Tom is playing golf today - an office team-building afternoon. He has a big deadline on the 31st and had to bring two engineers in from San Diego to help him get it done. It's nice to have the resources available to him to do that. When he worked in Cheyenne, it was only Tom doing the work on his projects - and that led to long hours away from home. This time, he is home on time, and is much less stressed. He and Brendan are getting ready for Memorial Weekend. They always go plant flowers on Tom's family's graves. It is a two-day process, but they both enjoy doing it. Katie might be able to go this year. Brendan was about this age when he started helping his Dad do it.

Nothing much is happening with me, thank heavens. Life is nice and quiet. I'm looking forward to summer - and a little "unscheduled" time. I've been scrapbooking a little more lately. I have a few quilts to finish within the next few weeks, and a bridal veil for my friend's daughter's wedding to complete, too. It sounds like a lot, but they are all things I enjoy doing. The veil will have a ribbon-edging on it. I've never made one like that, so I'm going to practice on one first - only I'll put pink ribbon on the edges and make it into a tutu for Katie. She'll love that.

Well, that is life right now. Just the ordinary. Just the way we like it.

Until next time............



Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Just some random layouts of the kids

I finished these this week and thought I'd post them. These pictures were taken quite some time ago and I am amazed at how much they've grown.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Oops, she did it again!

I know - bad title. I shouldn't associate anything "Britney" with my darling daughter - but this time it fits. She fell again and hit her mouth, lips, teeth, etc. She decided to climb on to our bedside table, and fell face-first onto the hardwood floor. We seem to be healing well this time, but this is what it looked like after our trip to the ER a couple of weeks ago:

On a brighter note, the three boys are still injury-free! She is really doing well. I can't believe how much she is talking now - new words each day. She is up over 100 words in her vocabulary now. Must be a girl thing!

Here is an update on everyone else:

  • Brendan had a field trip today to the Butterfly Pavilion in Denver - had a super time. He wasn't brave enough to hold Rosie (their pet tarantula), but he did look at her.
  • Marc comes home this Sunday on his way to Nashville (short vacation before his summer in Alaska). He has requested we make Chipotle burritos for dinner. It will the last time we see him until next fall (after he gets back from Alaska).
  • Sean finds out in a week or so if he made the final list for the job he intervied for last week. We are praying he gets hired. It would be a great opportunity for him.
  • Saturday is National Scrapbook Day!!!!!!!!! I'm going to scrapbook Saturday from 9 am to midnight!!!! Hopefully I'll get a lot of work done.
  • Tom is having a bad week at work. Problem client, etc. He is really stressed out right now. Prayers would be appreciated!!!