Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Recent Pictures

I'll write a catch-up later. Just wanted to post some recent pictures of the kiddos.
Katie's fancy artwork - on her bed! She scribbled all over the sides and everything. Needless to say, I was less than impressed with this one. She was sure tickled with it though.
One of Brendan's Birthday cupcake cakes. I made a Brontosaurus.........
...and a T-Rex. There are little candy rocks in the clumps of "grass". Brendan was very excited with them both.
Brendan and his 9 best friends at his Birthday party. This was taken at the end of the party (at the IKON Center in Cheyenne) - and shortly before Tom and I went home and collapsed from exhaustion. Boy, was that a rough night. They played lazer tag and air hockey. We had forgotten how rowdy 8 year-old boys can be.

Katie helped me make our Thanksgiving pies this year. She brought a pie tin from her play kitchen and wanted some pie in it, too. So, we made a little pumpkin pie for her - and she LOVED IT!!! She was so proud of herself and so excited to see her pie come out of the oven.

Admiring her handiwork.

Snow fun in the backyard. Katie's first experience with "snowball fighting". Brendan made sure he got his licks in first - but she quickly got the hang of it.

Brendan's First Communion - with Father Tom

Not to be outdone, Katie insisted she have her picture taken with Fr. Tom, too. Yes, that IS cake on her face. She didn't give me a chance to clean her face before we took the picture.

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