Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas . . . and reunions, of sorts

First of all, Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderful day filled with family, joy, peace, and love.

Tom just got a phone call from the hospital and his mother is fading quickly. It will be any moment. Brendan said that he is glad she got one last Christmas on earth because that is what he prayed and asked God for. But it also looks like she will get to share this Christmas with her sweetheart who is waiting for her in heaven. It will be a loving reunion, I am sure. I know Marvin will give her three things right away: a hug, a kiss, and a hard time ;o) . He loved teasing her and I know how much she has missed him. I am praying that Jesus takes her hand and leads her home to her husband.

To top it all off, my mother called and my grandmother is also expected to pass away at any moment. She's been struggling with Alzheimers Disease for ten years now and we've been expecting her to decline soon - but just not this week. I just can't believe this is all happening to our little family on Christmas Day.

We are trying to make the day special for the two little ones, but they obviously notice that their Daddy isn't home (and they KNOW where he is). We'll have to try hard to make New Year's Eve special, I guess. They are, however, upstairs laughing and playing with their gifts. They both received exactly what they wanted from Santa (Brendan wanted a Nintendo DS with games, etc. - and Katie wanted Rose Petal Cottage and a dress-up baby).

Blessings to you all!


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