Thursday, November 15, 2007

A fun afternoon waiting for the dam to burst. . .

Well, not really a dam - more like Katie's bladder. That child can go for hours and hours without having to empty her bladder. Unfortunately, I found this out the hard way.

She has been complaining of pain and discomfort off-and-on since I got her potty trained. Well, it got worse this week so I worried that she had a bladder infection. Trips to the doctor are always fun because they require a one-hour drive to the dr., the appointment, then a one-hour drive home. After checking things out, the Ped also thought she might have a bladder infection and asked if she could get a urine sample from my darling daughter. Well, um, oooookay - we can try. Well, we tried, and tried, and tried some more. I took Katie to the Burger King down the street and pumped her full of sprite - and tried again. Nothing. I let her play with all of the fun toys at the dr. office and then tried again, and again - still nothing. After spending 3 hours and 34 minutes there IN THE OFFICE, I finally gave up and brought everything home so we could try it here. The nurse said to wait until this morning and then we could run it to the lab here in town. Well, it is 9:17 am right now - and Katie has been up since 7:00 sharp - and nothing yet. I wish my bladder was that good. Dang! If I wasn't so frustrated with the child, I'd be impressed. I didn't tell you the least fun part of this experience (as if 3 hrs. and 34 minutes in the dr.'s office wasn't enough) - before each attempt, I had to clean her little girlie bits with this nasty, stinging, pink soap. The nurse warned me that it stung - and I was hoping Katie wouldn't notice that it stung (yes, I really am that stupid and that naive). Well, somehow she caught word of the "stinging" side-effect of the soap (she couldn't have noticed on her own - someone MUST have told her, right?!?!) and it became apparent IMMEDIATELY that it was somewhat uncomfortable for her. Long, long afternoon for us both. I am still exhausted - and we aren't done with this fun yet. I'll let you know how it all goes.

Prayers are appreciated ;o)

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