Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Big Girl & My Sweet Boy

I am thrilled to be able to inform you that Katie is now a big girl - and is potty trained!!!!!!!!!!!! This is such a wonderful feeling. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am. She was really quite easy to train, too. I began last Monday and by Thursday (just 3 short days later), she was done. I am loving this.

My sweet boy has been very sick. We nearly had to call an ambulance for him on Sunday. He had been sick since Wed. night, but nothing major. I went to a scrapbooking retreat in Estes Park on Friday, but came home Saturday night (a day early) because I had a feeling I should come home. Well, I am so thankful for that little prompting. Sunday morning I woke early and went downstairs to catch up on email. I heard Brendan making a strange noise so went in to check on him. Well, he was struggling to breathe. I took him upstairs to take his inhaler, tylenol, etc., but his breathing became worse. He was gasping for air. He had a bad croupy cough, then wouldn't be able to inhale after coughing. I opened the front door to get some cold air in his lungs and told Tom I was taking him to the ER. Tom saw Brendan (and the look on my face) and decided we probably should call the ambulance. As I picked up the phone to dial, we saw that Brendan was getting a little air and decided that driving would be just as quick as waiting for an ambulance. Katie was screaming to go with me (because I'd been gone to Estes) so Tom took him to the hospital. I called the ER to inform them that they were on their way, called Tom's sister to see if she would come watch Katie, and prayed that Brendan was ok. I finally made it to the hospital. They did two breathing treatments, a dose of steroids, and chest x-rays. He had severe croup and his airway has completely closed off (x-rays confirmed it). They let us bring him home a while later. I took him for a follow-up in Ft. Collins on Tuesday and he was quite improved. He went to school yesterday - he had been out a week. He is still extremely fatigued, but feeling quite a bit better.

To top it all off, Katie is sick again!!! She was sick for 16 days before the dr. put her on an antibiotic last Thursday. She improved for a couple of days, and now has a 101 degree fever again. I am guessing that she is catching Brendan's virus from the weekend. Hopefully she doesn't react as severely as he did. I need to completely sterilize my house after this. Ugh!!!!!

Tom and the boys wanted to attend the World Series in Denver this weekend. I am sure most of you heard about the trouble that that Rockies' website experienced when tickets went on sale. Unfortunately, after spending a total of 5 hours online trying to buy tickets, I was unable to get any. So, we will watch the games on TV and hope that the Rockies begin playing better than they did last night in Boston. That was a sad game. Maybe they'll get some spark when they get home to Denver.

Sean is moving here next week!!! He is going to come work in Cheyenne until he can get a job at the mine in Kemmerer, WY. They are hiring, but not until January. He wants a change of scenery (and a better paying job than he can get in Randolph, UT) so he is coming here to stay for a couple of months! We are all so excited to having him coming back home, even if it is for a short time.

Marc is working at the lab at Utah State again. He really likes it, but would like more hours. They had promised him 40 hours/week, but they aren't busy enough to keep him that much. He is doing well and seems happy to be home.

Well, that is the latest drama from Wyoming. Hopefully you are all healthier than we are right now. I'll try to keep up better this next week.


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