Thursday, September 20, 2007

Feeling Sappy . . .

I rarely get "sappy and sentimental" about anything - either publicly or privately. But, for some reason, I am feeling it today. And the oddest thing triggered it. This will prove what a goof I am. Anyway, I digress. As I was watching the OJ fiasco yesterday (I am such a news junkie), I was transported back to the infamous bronco chase in 1994. Tom and I were engaged, just starting out on this crazy journey we've been sharing for 13 years. He was working his long summer hours. I was at home waiting for his return. And I missed him like crazy.

Fast forward to yesterday. Tom was working longer hours than normal, but nothing like he used to. I was at home waiting for his return, but with our two small children. And I still missed him like crazy.

How many people are blessed to still be so happy, content, and giddy after 13 years of marriage. My heart honestly skips a beat when he pulls up in front of the house each night after work. I still smile when I hear his voice on the phone. And I would still rather spend 100% of my time with HIM than anyone else!

It hasn't always been easy. or wonderful. or fun. We've had some really tough times. And I think the hard times made us cherish one another even more. After you struggle for something, it is that much more special to you. I am grateful for him each and every day. I thank God for him each and every day. I feel beyond blessed. I still can't believe that I am the one he chose to share his life with. The past 13 years have absolutely FLOWN by.

So, my dear. My love. Light of my life. (I usually say this sarcastically when he has done somethign to irk me). Inside joke. Anway, I digress again. . . This time it isn't sarcastic . . .

So, my dear. My love. Light of my life - I wanted to publicly tell you that you are my knight in shining armor - my prince. My heart is yours ever more. I love you beyond words.

,UOY EVOL I (another inside joke)
Forever + 2 days

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Debbie said...

OHHHHH!! That is so sweet Marti! Tom is a sweetheart!