Sunday, July 08, 2007


Brendan's baseball team will be in the playoffs next weekend. He is very excited and we are just praying that he can hit the ball again ;o) . Here is the picture of his hit on the 4th. Golf starts on Wednesday, then makeup game Thursday, then playoffs Saturday and Sunday. Busy week for the B-Man (and Mom).
Tom has his golf tournament next weekend, so I'm not sure how much he'll be around for the games. Hopefully the schedule works out ok though. He played today in Kimball, NE because the Wyoming Open Golf Tournament is here in Cheyenne at his usual course. He had a good time playing, but struggled a little bit. But, you know what they say.........A bad day golfing beats a good day at work. No complaints from him ;o)
Katie was the evening entertainment last night at Brendan's team BBQ. There was a neighbor girl who does Mexican Dancing (I'm not sure what type), but she was showing everyone her routine and Katie jumped in and danced right along with her. She was the hit of the party. And, wouldn't you know, the ONE TIME I don't take my camera - I needed it. I would've LOVED to get pictures of that. It was sooooooooooooooooooo cute. Everyone told me that I should put her in dance classes. I actually checked that out a couple of months ago, but nobody in town takes toddlers until they are 3 years old. So, she has another year to practice.
Sean's surgery is Thursday. Please continue to pray for complete healing this time. I am so worried about him. I'll update to the blog when he is out of surgery.
Marc is still enjoying Alaska. We talked to him last night and I still can't get over how happy he sounds. I am used to his "broke, depressed college student" voice - this is his "fly-fishing guide extraordinaire" voice. He really is loving life.
Life is the same as usual for me............. I am scrapbooking when I get a chance. I've put in for a few more magazine calls, but haven't heard anything yet. The two books that are printing my layouts in them will be out this summer sometime. Haven't heard a definitive release date yet - but, believe me, when I do I'll let you all know right away!!!! Everyone has been so supportive - asking when they'll be out and if I will let them know so they can buy one. I appreciate you all so very much. I am blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. You are, truly, the best!

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