Thursday, July 12, 2007

Medical Stuff!

Sean just came out of surgery (he was in for over 4 hours!) and things are looking pretty good for him. The doctor cleaned out all of the broken pieces of bone, scar tissue, etc. and grafted some of his hip bone into his wrist. He thinks that he should heal really well, providing Sean follows all of his instructions. Prayers are still appreciated.

I went to the allergist today because I've been so darned miserable lately. Well, I am allergic to just about everything that grows. I reacted to: 8/13 trees, 12/13 weeds, 6/6 grasses, 1/4 molds, 2/4 dusts, and all three agricultural crops (alfalfa, sugar beet, and corn). They want to start me on shots right after our vacation, but they will take up to a year before I feel the full effect. If they don't work in that time frame, the shots will be discontinued because they aren't working. If they do work, I will receive the shots for 5 years and then should be able to stop them and have full immunity to the allergens.

That's the update from here! I'll write more later.


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Amanda said...

Will definitely be keeping Sean's healing in my prayers! And that your allergy shots work...that's no fun at all (we actually moved to CO partially due to Nathan's allergies where we were before). Hugs!