Wednesday, July 04, 2007

HE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Brendan hit the ball tonight! I cannot even begin to explain how excited the entire crowd was when his bat made contact! The kids in the dugout cleared out and were jumping up and down - the parents were screaming and jumping up and down - and the other team was like, "WTH?!?!". He got tagged out at first base (barely) - but when he turned around to run back to the dugout, his smile was from ear to ear! Tom and I were almost in tears. We didn't realize, until this morning, just how petrified he actually was of the pitching machine. I mean - TERRIFIED! The poor kid has been getting up there, game after game after game, and striking out. He was swinging with his eyes closed and just getting his "at bat" over with every time. Everyone kept telling us it was his hand/eye coordination, but we knew better. He was hitting like crazy when Tom pitched at home - no problems with his coordination there. He was just too afraid to watch the ball. I thought the coaches were going to pass out when he actually hit the ball tonight. Unfortunately, a nasty thunderstorm hit Cheyenne during the second inning so the game will be finished next week. He plays Saturday morning. We have to take him to get a batting helmet (his reward for hitting the ball so well) on Friday and he wants to go practice again after he gets it. We have now, officially, created a monster. He is a baseball machine now. He won't take his uniform off tonight and he is making Tom play ball with him right now. Hopefully we can get the bat out of his hands before the fireworks begin in an hour!

Blessings to you all!!!!!


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