Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

We had a wonderful day today. We spent the day relaxing and hanging out together. We went to the movies to see Surf's Up. The kids loved it. Very cute movie. Can't wait until it comes out on DVD.

Sean got here on Thursday and left this morning. It was so wonderful to see him. We've missed him so much - he hadn't been home since Christmas!

Marc called yesterday, finally. He is settled in AK and doing well. He says their Rookies are awesome this year and they should have a fun crew. I still worry about him, but he sounds very happy.

Brendan loved his first week of summer. His last day of school was great. His teacher, Mrs. Brady, loved the Ladybug quilt we made her. Baseball is going well. They won again yesterday. So far they have only lost one game. He is in a batting slump though - can't figure it out. WE are thinking he is doing more of a "golf swing" than a "baseball swing". He begins CCD tomorrow so that will keep him tied up for a couple of weeks.

Katie is doing well. She is so darned sweet. This is what I found when I opened her door after her nap last week. She was standing there, decked out in her sunglasses (placed upside-down) and her purse. She cracks me up!!!! Such a fun little soul.
I received an email request two more of my layouts this morning. It is from the same publisher who requested my very first layout. I will have three in their book. I am so excited.

Life is good. We are all doing well - healthy - happy - loving life and each other. We are truly blessed.


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Anonymous said...

congrats to you on the publishing of your layouts! that is cool. love reading your blog, too. love the pics of the kids. hope to see you soon - karen