Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

We had a wonderful day today. We spent the day relaxing and hanging out together. We went to the movies to see Surf's Up. The kids loved it. Very cute movie. Can't wait until it comes out on DVD.

Sean got here on Thursday and left this morning. It was so wonderful to see him. We've missed him so much - he hadn't been home since Christmas!

Marc called yesterday, finally. He is settled in AK and doing well. He says their Rookies are awesome this year and they should have a fun crew. I still worry about him, but he sounds very happy.

Brendan loved his first week of summer. His last day of school was great. His teacher, Mrs. Brady, loved the Ladybug quilt we made her. Baseball is going well. They won again yesterday. So far they have only lost one game. He is in a batting slump though - can't figure it out. WE are thinking he is doing more of a "golf swing" than a "baseball swing". He begins CCD tomorrow so that will keep him tied up for a couple of weeks.

Katie is doing well. She is so darned sweet. This is what I found when I opened her door after her nap last week. She was standing there, decked out in her sunglasses (placed upside-down) and her purse. She cracks me up!!!! Such a fun little soul.
I received an email request two more of my layouts this morning. It is from the same publisher who requested my very first layout. I will have three in their book. I am so excited.

Life is good. We are all doing well - healthy - happy - loving life and each other. We are truly blessed.


Friday, June 08, 2007

Snow in June

Yes, we had SNOW yesterday! It didn't stick, but it was snowing nonetheless. Wild.

Brendan had a baseball game on Wednesday night - in 60 mph winds. NO kidding. The gusts were clocked at 59 mph. They made the young kids play in it, but cancelled the Post 6 game (16-17 year-olds). Go figure. Poor Brendan could barely stand to bat. The gusts were coming up behind him and almost blowing him over. Before the game even started, he started crying hysterically and begging me to take him home. I knew it was windy, but for him to cry like that is highly unusual. Well, we finally got it out of him that he thought we were going to have a tornado. He was terrified. Tom wasn't there - another late night at work for him - so I had to have another Dad help me calm him down and explain that it was just windy, no tornado was in sight. Poor kid. After two hours in it, Katie had had enough and began crying so I took her to the car and put a movie on for her. Some friends of ours brought Brendan to the car after the game. The wind was so bad that we could barely breathe. My lungs were on FIRE after being out in it that long.

Today is Brendan's last day of school. Summer is here (in spite of the snow yesterday). We are all looking forward to a little "unscheduled" time together. We have a busy summer planned, but there will be plenty of down-time, too. When I was a child, summers were such a carefree time - full of sun, swimming, and friends. I miss those days. It isn't as much fun when you are the mom. Although it is magical to see it through the eyes of your children. I keep thinking that I need to come up with a fun "last-day-of-school" tradition for us, but can't decide on what to do. Maybe take him out for pie or ice cream? Zoo trip (we've done that one before)? Ft. Collins for lunch with Dad? I don't know. I'll think of something before 10:30 though ;o)

Here's to sunny thoughts!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wow! Another One!

I just got an email from another publisher asking for another one of my layouts for their upcoming book! I am sooooooooo excited. I just barely started submitting for these pubcalls - and I've been picked twice in twelve days! Can't tell you how thrilling this has been. I'll let you know when the books come out!

Until next time.............

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Music Therapy

My grandmother has advanced-stage Alzheimers Disease. She hasn't spoken a coherent sentence in years, and it has been even longer since she was able to recognize any one of her six children. She has lived in the Alzheimers Unit at a nursing home for a few years now (before that she was in Assisted Living), but was recently moved to a more intensive nursing environment due to the progression of her disease. With this in mind, I am quite sure you can imagine our skepticism when the facility suggested they try music therapy with her. They said that it lasts about 45 minutes and that oftentimes, patients will be able to speak with their family members, and the results are often quite positive. After the session, the patient reverts back, and it doesn't work on each and every patient - but they felt it was worth a try with Grandma. They indicated that sometimes it can connect some of those loose wires in the brain (so to speak) for a few minutes of family time.

My mother was in Wyoming for my niece's wedding, and my Aunt Linda was the only one there. She wasn't expecting much from the session, but figured she'd go to support grandma and to see how things went. What she witnessed was amazing. My grandmother remembered some of the names of her children. She was able to communicate that she was in a tremendous amount of pain in her feet. She was able to actually speak and converse with my Aunt Linda for about half an hour (she didn't recognize her as her daughter, Linda - but she spoke sentences that made sense). It was such a miracle for them to have those moments together. They repeated the therapy on Thursday, after my mother returned from her trip. My Aunt Sandy was able to come down from Georgia for the session as well. Once again, they were amazed at the results. She knew my mother had been to see her every day until her trip - and she told Mom that she shouldn't leave town again, she should come see her instead. She was aware that my Aunt's husband was tired from his trip down there. She was able to connect with her family in a way that was not possible just moments before. This time together has been such a blessing to them all. Once again, she reverted back within about half an hour - but those 30 minutes were so precious to those present. Hospice still only gives grandma six months at the most - but at least there have been these two bright and shining moments for her children to cherish.

I am so grateful for this time that her family had with her this past week. I am grateful for the wonderful, giving, loving workers who care for her every day. And I am grateful to God for giving them this gift of conversation.

Blessings to you all.