Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Something kinda neat..........

Well, shortly after I posted my last entry here, I got a surprising email. A company who is publishing a scrapbooking idea book wants to publish one of my layouts! I was shocked. I've submitted to a couple of magazines, but nothing serious so I didn't expect to hear anything back. I was so excited when I received the notice. I mailed my layout and my executed contract back today. I can't wait to see the book. It will be out late summer and I will keep everyone updated ;o) I am just so happy about this. I feel so blessed.

Tom worked most of the weekend. He did get the flowers planted at the cemetery though. The poor guy worked until 3 am this morning, and he is still at the office right now. His submittal is due on Thursday - hopefully he gets it all done without working too much more over time.

Brendan's baseball game got rained out tonight, which is just as well because he is sick again. He worked on his baseball swing this weekend and we think he's got it back again. Tom took him golfing a couple of weeks ago and it really wrecked his baseball swing. His team is still undefeated, but they only won by one point last week so their coach was displeased with them. Hopefully their next game will be a fun one for them - even if they don't win by 37 points.

Katie is doing great this week. She is adding new words to her vocabulary every day. She talks constantly - and loves to sing. Her favorite song is........Burning Love by Elvis. She definitely takes after her mom-mom. Love him. Anyway, when that song comes on, she drops everything and starts dancing - almost hopping around the room. It is hysterical! But, she also likes The Wiggles and can do most of their dances, too. She must've got THAT from her dad ;o)

My niece's wedding was beautiful. I wish I could've gone. Tom's work schedule was just too tight. But, I spoke with Angel tonight and she said everything was wonderful, bride was beautiful, reception was great, etc. I can't wait to see the pictures. It is so hard to believe that these kids are getting to be adults. Time just sails by so quickly. I'm sure I'll wake up next week and it'll be Katie getting married. I can't even fathom that - nor do I want to. It just makes me want to freeze time so I can relish these moments with the two younger ones.

I'm working on a terrific bible study right now written by Beth Moore. She is blessed with such a gift and is great at "making it real" for her readers. I have read several of her books, but this is only the second Bible Study of hers that I've done. I have gained so much from her work - she is fabulous!!!! Another recommendation here - you won't be sorry!

I think I forgot to mention that I will be in Leadership for my MOPS group next year. I am really excited about this. This can be such a stressful season of mothering (although, which season isn't stressful for mothers?!?!). I am so happy that I have this group of moms sharing the journey with me. There are some really fabulous women in leadership next year and I know I will learn so much from all of them. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity.

Well, that is all from my windy corner of Wyoming. May God continue to bless you and your families. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily.


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