Friday, May 25, 2007

Here we go again..............

On Monday, the school called and said that Brendan had fallen on the playground at lunch and had skinned his arm and that he had a nasty bump on his head. I went to the school, looked at it, and took him to be checked out - the injury was just too close to his temple for me to be comfortable. Another trip to the ER. My word, those people are going to think I am an abusive mother or something. Luckily, this one happened at school ;o) . He didn't have a concussion, thank heavens. He is feeling pretty good - just bruised up. They wrapped up his arm, said to watch him for any strange behavior (luckily, it wasn't Katie I had to watch for this ;o) ). He feels fine now - and he loved showing off his bandage at school the next day.

Katie is doing swell this week - no significant falls or injuries to report. Her new word this week is "No-kay" as in "NOT OK". It cracks me up. "Katie, it's time for your nap." "No-Kay!" Ugh! I guess it is better than just a plain old "NO!".
There is no school today or Monday! I love long weekends like this. Tom worked today, but will be off on Monday. I am going scrapbooking in Ft. Collins all day tomorrow (10 am until midnight). I can't wait. Maybe Tom will have all of the cemetery flowers planted while I'm gone ;o) . Well, one can always hope..................
My niece is getting married tomorrow in Evanston. Prayers are going up for a wonderful day - and a happy lifetime together. Congrats Tawna & Devin.
Anyway, have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I hope the memories of lost loved ones bring you joy and peace this weekend. Our love and best wishes to everyone!

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